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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trash monsters feeding on trash magazines !

5/7/08 5:54 AM
Beware : This is an angry blog.None of the words below will be sugarcoated.If you are fan of unreal sugarcoated useless fluff, Please look away !

Having said that , I want to talk about the state of the media today.

When you go have a look at the local neighbourhood newstand or magazine rack at a book shop or supermarket, about 90% of the magazines neatly stacked up on there are trash.

What do i mean by trash?

Glorified gossip magazines.

And, to think that a lot of people are constantly purchasing these gossip magazines judging by numbers of the various magazines that the supermarket stocks , tells a lot about the psyche of the average reader.

The average magazine reader is looking for trash news.

What does that make the average magazine reader?

The would make the readers trash too.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU ASSIMILATE, and if you assimilate useless news about

'Who kissed whom' and

'who wore what' and

'who got newly pregnant' and

'whose house is bigger' ,

you really gain nothing.Nothing at all.

You are pushing your brain to a vegetative state without much stimulation in terms of innovativeness.

I mean, if A slept with B , How does that affect you at all?

In no particular way , unless A or B is actually sleeping with you too.

So, why exactly do you read such trash?Because you have nothing else to do ? Or , because you chose to do nothing else that is productive except try and learn who kissed whom.Gosh !

After much thinking, i finally came to the conclusion that it is all a vicious cycle.Teenagers are forcefed this trash news right from the time they can read and understand and they for the longest time concentrate on things that the trash magazine seems to project as important and end up doing nothing productive in life except try and emulate other high school dropouts who just happen to be in showbiz. Finally, this leads them to have no proper education and thus these teens end up very badly equipped to plan a decent life with productivity.This then makes them make stupid decision with regards to jobs and relationships. And finally they end up with such a shitty life that they seek solace by trying an escape route of getting lost in fantasy land by yet again reading those very trash magazines which were the cause of their ruin the first place.

I mean.. The only decent magazines that i see there on the magazine rack are READER'S DIGEST and TIME( Time is on it's way to trashiness too ) .

So,'s angry blog is about


Meanwhile, i don't care what some overpaid showbiz bimbo wears. I shall wear what i like and what suits me and what is comfortable. I want to be able to go the supermarket and pick from a variety of intelligentely written magazines that actually equip me to examine my life and improve it rather than those magazine that provide me an escape.

90% of Americans don't know how to manage their money(judging by their mortagages and credit card debts-shame on yourself) and 99% Americans are in focked up relationships ..If they dont' take the time to examine and make better their own lives, I have no idea , how much that is going to contribute to the dwindling of the human resource factor of the nation.

So, All the trash monsters, please stop reading those trash magazines, try and look at things that immediately concern you, LIKE , your education, your finances, your relationships, your garden, your self respect and dignity.

NUff said.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

About this blog

5/4/08 7:23 AM
I had been thinking of keeping a public blog open for readers to savor(savour).Savor a part of me , my mind , my psyche .
Infact, I would love to go ahead and have several blogs (now that i am given that option here on blogger-Therefore , blogger rocks !)
One of my public blogs is going to be 'An antidote to anger' .
Whose anger you may ask?
My anger?
Partly , yes..
But this blog would strive to serve the purpose of an antidote to the seething anger that lies hidden in a variety of souls and manifests itself in many forms, the most common of them being that of what we call as 'Personality traits'
I would love to hear the ' all and sundry' comments of everyone that reads this blog.
I would also request that no one plagiarizes(plagiarises) my blog.
Come on, you can do better than that.
Plagiarism only stems from deep lying disbelief in one's own capabilities.It is almost as if you have finalized in your head that your own original thoughts are no good and therefore, all you can do is , steal someone else's writing and ideas and tease and tweak it a bit and present it as your own.
They say "Imitation is flattering" .To me, Imitation , especially , If my written work is blatanly stolen , only evokes , irritation in me .
So, Please so refrain from stealing my written words.If you do want to share what i write , link to my blog.There is something called the url..share it..Url was designed chiefly in an attempt to let other people find a page.You want someone else to read what i write, just share my url.
One more important thing about my writing is that, i never edit after i type in.Whatever comes to my mind goes straight to the keyboard and then straight to the computer's 'compose screen' and then straight to the blog entry.That is my style of writing and i would like to keep it that way, risking the fact that my blog might end up looking like a 'hurriedly gathered up torrent of words".
But , I think fast, i type fast, and i think and write in a unique manner.I want to retain that about myself and my writing.So, no editing for me .
Enjoy !
Yeah , btw, people who need writer's workshops to become a writer are actually not writers in the real sense.I mean, come on, If you have to strain to eek out a piece of writing, that means you are a constipated person.
Writing is all about diarrhea(diarrhoea)..Verbal diarrhoea
Keep the comments coming my way.I love arguments and discussions.

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