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Saturday, August 2, 2008

What is wrong with the concept of "Gender appropriate toys"

Peggy recently blogged about how even the limited edition 'Space barbie' though is supposed to be an astronaut barbie, has so much make up on , it is hideous..And , I completely agree, much as i agree to most of what peggy blogs about.You can read more of her blogs by following the link to her Women in Science blog on my blogroll.
Meanwhile, i will just post a quote of the comment I myself made on there.
Here goes my comment.
Start of quote:
"Hey peggy, thanks a ton for posting blogs that i myself would have liked to talk or blog about but haven't had the time to do so.
Yeah.. well ! My dad bought me a set of 'blocks' when i was a kid,the ones you use to construct different things.I wonder if they categorize 'blocks' as boys toys at the toy store.If they do,then the toy company needs to be sued for false propoganda of gender preferences.Me and my sis both were girls and we loved blocks very much..Thanks to dad for buying us sensible toys.BTw..I am a doctor now..a female doctor, and my sister is an engineer..a female engineer and well! pink is not the fav color of either of us.(Not that i discriminate against pink).I like earthy colors and i like bike rides and i really don't like makeup..I vote for unisex toys..Toys don't need to be gender categorized at all.Infact , i find the word 'Tomboy' stupid.Women who don't play with barbies are called tomboys..why? Anyone can like cars and anyone can like barbies,they don't need to be abnormal for liking things that are not what they are expected to like.. The concept of 'Gender appropriate toys' is to be done with.I want to ask , "Is is inappropriate for a girl to play with toy cars?" If so , why?Unisex toys is the way to go.Infact, parents must take their kids to the toystore and allow them to pick whatever they want.If boys pick a barbie so be it,it is just that the boy likes to play with human figures.If a girl picks cars, well it is just that the girl likes cars.Ya know.
Btw, did you hear about this russian sexual harrasment court case where the judge actually told the woman that it is right of the bosses to make sexual advances to the women employees..I actually blogged about it in my 'An Antidote to anger' blog..Or perhaps my 'Not so Daily Ramble blog', I forget which one though.
Also,I am gonna repost this comment on one of my blogs too ,just so that my readers get to read my views on this issue too.Many hugs and take care"END OF QUOTE

Russian women and sexual harrassment case in russia

Seriously, this news report just made me open my mouth and say ,"NO! He didnt say that !"
I mean, this russian lady, filed a sexual harrassment case in russia and asked for her boss to be convicted and then arrested or sentenced coz he kept making sexual advances at her and in very clear words asked her to have sex with her or else she either loses her job or never makes progress in her career.
Now, the sexual advances are proven too..
Now, what does the judge decide?
He actually decides in favor of the boss...why? NOt because he found the accusations baseless.But primarily because he thinks that it is normal and expected of women to sleep with their bosses if they at all desire to get a promotion.He actually condones the ass grabing and sexual relations that bosses force upon the women ..It is almost like he said, "you better sleep with him when he wants you to ,or else, come on, how else are you going to keep your job?"
MY QUESTION IS , "what kind of a judge is this?"
Is russian law literally the mafia law?
What the fockers is he saying?
And how exactly is he getting away with officially saying these things?
What the fockers?
What the hell?
gosh ! this rate..there is going to be no 'antidote to anger' at all..
What the hell?
p.s:I am still trying to find a link to this news article so that i can post it here.
I shall post it as soon as i find the link,k?Meanwhile do google this case , will ya?

Friday, August 1, 2008

How not to be angry?

I get angry with a lot of people around.Whom does that affect>?That anger ,,just the anger ! well..If i don't express to the person that they are causing me the anger, then the anger is most likely going to affect me in a negative manner.
I figured out how to not be angry..I could even before the anger reaches the brim, start expressing my displeasure to this person that is causing the anger.
Well! That is only possible if a specific person is causing me specific displeasure.What if i am getting angry at the shallowness and stupidity of people on TV ..what is the solution..Either write a blog about it or write to the tv producers and if any of that is not smart enough to not let all of that affect me..I guess that last mentioned method is the method most people adopt to be so desensitized with things that they can go by each day without getting angry or affected by anything unless it is directly affecting them in some way.They don't care if someone litters the place, they don't care if illegals start gang bangings groups in the US, they don't care if people are getting stupider by the day in the US, they don't care if all that is there on TV is some trash gossip about some stupid actors in the entertainment industry.
Gosh ! Why do i care so much?LOL

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

some women just encourage their family members to victimize them

well, the thing is, sometimes some women gently encourage their family members to act selfish, just so that they can pass off as a martyr..I think this tendency to slowly and slyly encourage them to behave like monsters so that they can then go ahead and pose as this hapless victim that does things for everyone at home, stems from a deep sense of insecurity and malicious thought process there of, where they see themselves completely incapable of winning love unless they play these games.It also stems from lack of self confidence where they think that they really are not capable of doing anything on their own and yet and therefore have to decided to devise methods where they can 'fool' other people to think they are useful in some way.I use the world fool here not because i think they are fooling people..i use the word fool coz they think they are fooling other people into believing they are useful in someway coz they themselves have started viewing themselves are useless .
A good sign of self loathing where in their heart of hearts they feel that unless they victimize themselves or play the victim, there just is going to be no possibility that anyone will value them ever.They dread a scenario where no one is the victim and yet they are indispensible.they view themselves as dispensible which is exactly why they try to create a situation where they want to pose as someone who is giving up a lot of self dignity to make the relationship to survive.
this is a pathetic plan.they need to respect themselves enough and make themselves worthy enough to still be needed even if there is no victimization involved at all.
I mean after all, people can just like another person just because of the way they are not and not because of the things this person does for them..Ya know...To actually imagine that unless you create sceanarios where you prove that you are abused and yet decide to be the jesus christ of the relationship where you let yourself get abused and such, only indicates a lot of self loathing that you have for yourself where you think that unless you are the jesus christ of the relationship no one will want to be around you.
Come on,have a life, do things you want to do..don't depend on other people .You life should not depend on someone else going on a guilt trip.
Do things that make you feel independent and self worthy.You should have choices and be proud of things that you do on your own .That way you don't need to depend on someone else's good books.That paves the way for non guilt trip dependant relationships where mutual respect and real camaraderie is what survives the relationship.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Passing the ball in the child rearing dept.

yet again, i was reading this blog entry on Peggy's blog about How ultra orthodox israeli women received their biotechnology degrees after recieving training in the field in segregrated classes with intructors trying to teach while still following strict religious stipulations and there was one sentence on there at how, child maitenence was provided to them during the course of the training and also how the cribs were lined at the aisle while they lined up at the graduation ceremony at aisles...hmmmm
here is a copy of the comment i left on there
btw.i also felt when i read the sentence ,"Baby carriages lined the aisles", that they were trying to somehow put the whole responsibility of child rearing on the women.It was almost like they were sending a subliminal message to the women in general that no matter what they do , they better be equipped to take the whole responsibility of child rearing all on their own.I have seen that in many societies, this kind of indirect discouragement by still making them take full responsibility of the children even if they work oustide , eventually makes the women chose to stay home out of sheer resentment that they have to do double the work even if they work outside and make money anyways, so why not sit home and make the men make money since the men wont help them raise the children.ya know.reverse psychology is some feuds in another way.hmmmmm.
1:22 PM

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