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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Evolution of a sketch-A man , A woman and A password

originally posted on 
3/31/10 8:19 AM
This is a TWO-IN-ONE blog.A small NOVEL at that.
It is long,.so gear up with a nice beverage of choice to read this.
Many of my twitter friends know about my blogs where I  showcase my sketches or visual art projects from time to time. 
This blog entry is one of them.
I am not a professional artist.I am a physician by profession but I do take the time to include art in my life,chiefly by painting,sketching,knitting,sewing,photography,singing and dancing and whatever else i can muster up in this life of mine.
Also , please note that I have had NO FORMAL TRAINING in sketching.Recently my godfather tried teaching the basics of watercolors..But as many of you can understand..watercolors is quite different pencil/charcoal portrait sketches.


I usually choose my poetry and poise blog  to post my art related posts, but since this is a  TWO IN ONE BLOG , and since the topic on hand has got more to do with relationships, I decided that my ANTIDOTE TO ANGER BLOG is a better choice to post this blog entry on.

The peeps you see in the sketch above are TIFF aka @tropicalia20  and JAMES aka @sillybeggar..The MAN AND WOMAN in question..What about the password , you ask? well! read on

                             This is a TWO-IN-ONE blog .As I go along, I not only will talk about them ,I will also insert step-by-step evolution sketches of the Final portraits that I made of them both.

Let us start the story with JAMES.

Why..on Twitter of course!
Much like all of my other sketch subjects here on the lecinqblog -blog set.Go here to see all sketches so far

                 Way way back last year , JAMES followed me on twitter when he was promoting his then upcoming book THE SILLY BEGGAR.

                              I followed him back, primarily, because I found his reply tweets on his TWITTER HOME PAGE quite witty..Not the 'American-kinda-ROFLMAO-KINDA' funny , but this OTHER  'Simple-wordplay-kinda Scottish' funny.:))

BTW,I call him my Scottish Brother.He is helpful  and will give you advice  if you ask him nicely.That is what a bro does,,doesn't he? And yeah..he is from Scotland..The land of cute lilted sounding accent of the English language..I like the Scottish accent so much more than I like the British accent.

What JAMES AND I have in common?

Well, for one..he sketches..he sketches cartoons and animation for most part.I sketch and paint ..So we have an Artists connection right there.
I am a writer and I blog and I have a website ..he is an author and he writes and he has a WEBSITE too.
He is funny and I am pretty funny too(but only if want to be.For most part,I pretend to be serious>>Though,basically I am  secretly a  funny goof at heart)
He likes eating  baked goods..and of course I like eating baked goods too..We both are foodies!!!
In fact I remember James telling me why he married  Tiff when I asked him to tell me more about their love and marriage. etc etc..He said something akin to , " She likes baking cakes and I like eating cakes..So, we decided to get married." LOL..I am sure there is more to the story..but he won't let me in on the secret..

Why do I like JAMES?

I have to have liked James in order for me to have sketched  their portraits in the first place.(pssst. please be in my good books and you will one day see your portrait on the golden pages of the

So yeah coming back to ' why do I like james'?
First off, way back, james came to twitter with what I PRESUME>> an attempt to promote his then upcoming book.
I have seen many a writer on TWITTER just follow all kindsa peeps randomly and then try to promote their book ALL IN A BUSINESSPERSON LIKE MANNER..
I hate such marketing.
I mean,Essentially, many writers will come on twitter, follow us, never read our tweets, but expect us to follow you back and then follow you like a herd of sheep or rats and then just buy your book..hmmmm..Sigh.what greed
He was able to see the bigger picture in life..
A give and take..
He saw that every person he interacts with on a personal level will be a READER FOR LIFE..
I like peeps that are able to see the bigger picture in life..
peeps who are able to understand the concept of kind words that come from the heart and peeps who are scottishly sentimental with their tweets..LOL.

Also, at around the same time that he followed me..I  was on twitter  trying to figure out BOOK PUBLISHING and had DMed or @replied(don't quite remember which)  James, asking him for advice..

Mind you.,
At that time.,I had sent such similar 'advice-seeking-messages' to other writers ,who, incidentally also followed me on twitter at around the same time as James did .But much like many PETTY people, they never wrote back..
There are many petty people in this world, who will only do or say things if there is some immediate gratification or benefit to them.It is only about what they get..nothing about what they give..

Given the fact that 10 months down the line James in still on my list and I have sketched his portrait now indicates that ..JAMES IS NOT ONE OF THOSE PETTY PEOPLE.
He wrote back ! He wrote back with advice and also shared his experience with how he got his book published..VERY HELPFUL BRO..big hugs for that.

Like Many of my regular readers on Twitter know..I have this annoying habit..This habit of constantly cropping down my follower's list..
YES,,you heard it right. FollowER's a bare minimum..I also trim down my following list.I do this because I am here on twitter to form a small friends group,who are friends with ME  just for moral support or just coz we share similar ideas..No monetary business partners.. no bullshit..Just generous friends seeking nothing in return except intellectual compatibility

                          Friendships are based on trust and respect and FREQUENT INTERACTION.
Once I see that a person hasn't been on Twitter for long or has not been interacting with me for long or have said something on twitter which I found >>does not match  my ideology,I remove them from my FOLLOWER'S LIST AND FOLLOWING LIST.....
                            I am not one of those people who will keep people on the lists just to SHOW BIG NUMBERS..
                          Who am i showing it to?I don't care for SHOW at all.I am very self assured like that..I don't need no show to boost my self esteem..
                             Anyways coming back to James..more about why he is still on the list.
Back around that time,much like now,from time to time,I used to share a url link (to an interestingly long blog entry of mine) with  all my twitter friends .Ya know,Just to let them know the NON 140 character Lecinq that I am .                      
                    Each time that I SHARED A BLOG URL LINKwith him, James religiously came and REALLY READ MY BLOG and then really sincerely shared his opinion about the matter.He either left a comment on the blog or DMed or @replied me..
                    He did it with such sincerity..that I immediately made him my SCOTTISH BROTHER..For one.he is scottish and I think that scottish people are very EMOTIONALLY SENTIMENTAL PEOPLE...A scottish brother is the best  to have,only the second best to having a SCOTTISH HUSBAND..

Who is Tiff? 
Why, Ofcourse, Tiff is James' wife..Pretty, smart , tough and Talented wife. 
The lucky recipient of the Scottish husband ..LOL

It happened in quite an unplanned accidental manner.As is customary with me, I will ask after my twitter friends from time to time.Ya know,that friendly , 'LONG TIME, NO SEE, PITCH ME in on news from your side please, kinda' Tweet.
During one such enquiry, TIFF wrote back saying that she is writing in on behalf of james because he is out of town promoting his book on TV or radio or some such..


And for a moment I was like.."Awww, How sweet!!HOW TIGHT MUST THEIR RELATIONSHIP BE for him to share his password with her and for her to actually take time to do his PR while he is out of town.." Such an understanding can only come between couples only when there is 100% TRUST, and also a GREAT FRIENDSHIP , In addition to romance etc etc.IMMEDIATELY in my head..their relationship became a prototype of what a modern day marriage must be


Before attempting to sketch either one of them I wrote to james asking for their pictures..I had to ask it in such a manner as to not give out the SURPRISE factor of what I am attempting right now..I am sure James must have been of the idea back then  that i am gonna PROLLY  put up their pictures along with some lame ass blog entry..I am hoping both of them appreciate the time I invested in actually sketching them out and also the glorious terms I am using in this blog entry to describe them...LOL.


I was surprised to find that both Tiff and I have a lot in common too.
Well, for one,she is into graphic design and if any of you peeps keep up with my ever changing twitter backgrounds,I design my own BACKGROUNDS >Either  with my sketches or my visual art.

Tiff is also an avid baker..I am too...If you want proof , you can go either to HER BAKING BLOG or to MY VEGETARIAN BLOG ....We both love cooking..So,,I am so sure..we will get along mightily if we meet in real life

One most recent development has been that of Tiff passing her Nursing finals..She is a nurse and I am a physician(medical doctor) is belong to the medical field.

If you have a spouse or a GF/BF..proudly display them on the internet website or blogpage or twitter.(Both of them have url links to the others website right there on their own website..that is what is called a TRANSPARENT RELATIONSHIP.)

Share what you do on the internet with them.

Have a trusting sharing relationship like they both have with each other
I have often seen a lot of men and sometimes women too, lead a second clandestine life on the internet..They interact flirtatiously with people and for all I care,their partners at home don't even know of this fact.Such two faced behavior is a hallmark of a broken relationship with your real life partner..TRANSPARENCY IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR A TRUSTING MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIP to happen and to remain real for a long time.

1/If you have a wife/husband/GF./BF..proudly display them on your twitter friends list .let them interact with your internet friends too.

2/If you spend a lot of time on the internet WHILE IN A RELATIONSHIP OR MARRIAGE, It is that much of time that you take away from spending with your spouse.If you see yourself spending far more time on the internet as a means to escape from spending actual time with your partner, it is time to REEVALUATE YOUR RELATIONSHIP..To see if there is something wrong.

3/If you spend a lot of time on the internet,please choose partners that are as TECH SAVVY as you are ..That way they are technically equipped to KEEP TABS ON YOU.I have often seen very tech savvy men be with women who don't even know how to maintain a blog..So, these silly women are quite oblivious of the NEFARIOUS sinful acts their men do on the internet...hmmmmm..This is a topic for a whole other blog entry..But what i am trying to say is..DON'T DELIBERATELY CHOOSE women/men who are so technically illiterate they WON'T FIND OUT what you are up to on the net.That is like deliberately choosing a victim.

Big hugs to all readers..Please share your opinion on this issue or on the sketches or anything else right down in the COMMENTS SECTION..or as is usual with many of can @reply me with your reactions..

1 comment:

silent steph said...

I agree with the moral of teh stort... if I had my someone significant...they would be a part of my internet life too....

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