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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


See the picture below and notedown the very first word you notice in that picture
I was reading Jason's blog the other day and he had posted a blog entry dated December 21, 2010 titled Secrets  and had asked all of us to reblog this to our own blogspot friends and readers..Much like a blog meme
Judging from the title of jason's blog, I think, the first word that he spotted was SECRETS
Anyways , WHAT I THINK IS,All these blog meme quizzes are more for entertainment value and  are for "knowing more about each other via questionnaire"   rather than holding any REAL actual scientific value to ALLOW to psychoanalyze you based on your likes and dislikes.Doing that would make the mind matter far too simple to defragment, no?
However,, this "spot the first word you see" is based on a particular psychoanalytical technique which is scientifically RELEVANT,which is why I post this blog entry in my "ANTIDOTE TO ANGER" blog which deals with psychology,and sociology on a regular basis("not-so-regular basis" as it appears off late.LOL)
See, let me break this test down for you
All of us have thoughts each day
We think about this and that and many such things as the hours in a day pass by.
Many thoughts that we have at any given time are often associated with issues happening right there and then to us, and some issues are there at the back of our mind and there are  also even more pressing issues that we are secretly racking our brains with too.
So, when a picture with many multiple hidden words in presented like a SUDOKU puzzle to us,our mind tends to spot what interests us most at that given point and what interests us most is what is already in our subconscious mind right then
So,the word we spot is essentially an indicator of what might be preoccupying our head just right then
We tend to notice things we already are thinking of subconsciously,more so than even see things that might actually be there .Our minds haven't really thought about that possibility CONSCIOUSLY though!
we see what we think we see or what we assume we must see or what we expect to see
We see what we already have formulated in our head ..
So,why perhaps did I chose the word FOOL?
Just before going to that blog entry,I was kinda thinking of "what an emotional fool I was" and just to take my mind off things, went to browse jason's blog and then it baffled me when the first word I spotted was FOOL...
Quickly I went to read if everyone else also had spotted FOOL first.
Scientific psychoanalysis must rule out FALSE POSITIVES..(JUST can't TAKE THE SCIENTIST DOCTOR OUT OF ME)

In some MENTALIST exercises,certain cards or words are deliberately designed in such a way that everyone will end up noticing the very same thing  first...So,I just wanted to rule out that this puzzle card wasn't some MENTALIST GIMMICK
Thus, when a magician asks you flip through a magazine and remember one page., the MAGIC the magazine is designed in such a  pattern or manner, that eventually, one page is more prominent than others,,very subtly so, and thus all of us end up registering the very same thing. and so when the magician reveals the words you made a mental note of,you think it is magic..but it is really NOT
This is how many CARD TRICKS that appear regularly on those " mind-game-magic-shows" happen on TV too
Anyways, coming back to this test,I just had to rule out that this picture was not yet another cleverly designed magic trick
It wasn't
I was relieved to find that others had spotted other words..So, this is not a eye trick kinda indeedy...this was a mind reader test..

And i spotted FOOL

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