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Friday, March 5, 2010

The 2009 Round up blog in piece meal-Does 'Not judging' reduce anger?

Copyright(c)2009 Lecinqblog.Please do not reproduce without permission from Author.

2009 taught me that everyone is fallible, even me.
I have a high ethical standpoint. That explains why I am vegan or why i fight for human rights etc etc.
I also used to have these rigid rules about fidelity.. as in.....
You can love only one single person at a given time.
If you love someone too much, you will never ever cheat on them,
People of different age groups shouldn't date each other etc etc..
Some of these beliefs have undergone a great overhaul in my head as of now.
I realize that i am becoming more open minded just like my mother. She always tells me to be open and accepting of other people's mistakes..I guess she says that coz she messes up from time to time and knows first hand about how people end up messing up.So, her way of forgiving herself is by forgiving others who make mistakes as well.
Me on the other hand self regulate a lot..I am my own critic..So, i vindicate myself a lot.When so much of self control goes on ,,you end up making less mistakes and when you do so much of hard work trying not to make mistakes you expect others to be as responsible as well.
But the real word is not like that..Though you are responsible, you will come across a lot of irresponsible people. You have to not let their irresponsibility affect your state of mind .yeah?
So,That is what i learned this year.Though I still plan to self control and self regulate, i will atleast be less critical of other messer-uppers in 2010.

So, though in 2008, I would  have disapprove when a 40 something Brad pitt would diss his wife of 7 years and run to be with a 29 year old Angeline jolie and  though Angelina jolie herself having been a victim of her own father cheating on her own mother now suddenly takes this 40 year old man into her arms , a man who is literally cheating on his wife..(Note:that i am a third party bystander..none of my business...ya know)
In 2009, I am more accepting or rather LESS CRITICAL  of everyone and everything coz ya know what.. unless you are them, you will never know why they did what they did.. I have become less judging of people...So, if something like that triangle happened in 2010..i would care less.Who cares..if they are all messing it is their problem.ya know!
     Why am i so accepting now? I realized something new in 2009.
   Though we self regulate our own behavior..we cannot control so many things outside of our life.
   Because,, LIFE IS ALL ABOUT VARIABLES.. It is a set of variables thrown together in each person's life.. and you with your set of variables will behave and react differently to a set of situations than say what another person with another set of variables will to the same circumstances.

So, yes, I am becoming more open minded like my mother.. She never judges.. as in,,she is more accepting of her own mistakes and others mistakes..
I on the other hand used to be too critical of my own mistakes and others' mistakes as well.
But now.. though i will continue to set high standards for everyone,, i will not judge as often when mistakes happen , coz,, who am I to judge? yeah?

Monday, March 1, 2010

The story?

Copyright(c)2009 Lecinqblog.Please do not reproduce without permission from Author.
  1. For months all my twitters friends had been bearing up with angry tweets.They might as well read the complete story tweet goes!  
  2. the story?A guy pursued me,Deliberately didn't tell me about his fiance till one day i saw a pic where he was wearing a ring,I caught him!
  3. The story?He had planned that he would never tell me till i am way into it or never at all.He had planned he would drop her when i say yes!
  4. the story?Either that OR he planned 2 lie 2 me and USE ME without ever telling me the truth.Why he thought that was APPROPRIATE/ethical?hmmm
  5. The story?One i found out, i was shocked  and angry.I mean.Unless he tells me i won't know.I needed to know so that i have a right to choose.ya? 
  1. The story?All those weeks of aggressively pursuing me, he neither told his fiance he was looking for a new one, nor did he tell me about her
  2. The story?Had he told he has a fiance would I have talked to him? A BIG FAT NO.But greedy people want what they want by hook or,LIE 
  3. tHE STORY?I am NOT a boyfriend/fiance stealer.coz, in my opinion.A person who doesn't know how to honor relationships is a PIECE OF SHITE 
  4. The story? I don't want to be with a guy who drops an old fiance once he spots a newer nicer one.I don't want to be part of this messy SHITE 
  5. The story? I am a human being and i feel very violated that someone thought misling me into a mess for their greed purposes was acceptable 
  6. The story? I am and have always been used to EXCLUSIVE RESPECTFUL relationships in my life so far.I am sad someone managed to do this 2 me! 
  7. The story?funny part is,I clearly tell him I cannot f*ck another girl's life and be with him.he happily goes back to her.why is it so easy? 
  8. The story? I mean. the fact that this person is so shallow, he can go back and forth between girls is what baffles me.Shallow piece of shite 
  9. The story? I am a smart ,straight-forward person.My ANGER is that someone else coolly lies and puts me in a mess I didn't deserve to be in! 
  10. The story? My anger is, when i see him these days and he is pretending to be this devoted fiance.(he hasn't told her at all) I think COWARD 
  11. The story?I don't talk 2 him any more coz I don't want 2have anything2 do with shallow liars.He hasn't told her at all.What a piece of shite 
  12. The story?He is now overcompensating for the lies/sliminess he subjected me 2,by being overly nice to her!Stealing from me,giving her?UNFAIR 
  13. The story?He actually was trying to(or NOT?)silently leave her and start a new life with me.I told him to go back to her coz i am ETHICAL ! 
  14. The story? I also told him to come clean with his fiance about what he did .But,I guess he does this with a lot of women,Hence no biggie? 
  15. The story? somewhere along the pursuiing ME,he figured that since i am so ETHICAL,I won't take him into my arms while hurting another woman. 
  16. The story? Now he has gone back to her.she doesn't know how crazy he was about me.He is overly nice to her now coz his guilt is eating him 
  17. The story?I feel like my interaction with him,improved him as a man.+Now his guilt is making him be nicer to her.Deriving from me,giving her 
  18. The story? And now he has gone back2 her only coz he saw i wasn't gonna take him. Now he pretends like he is this goodie fiance/caring man! 
  19. The story? It's very irritating 2 read him write things about how his special girl rocks when infact he was this close to leaving her for me 
  20. The story?I am angry that the GUILT is what is making him B more and more nice 2 her and Not because he loves her.No one cheats if they love 
  21. \The story? I feel like an Idiot that I somehow managed 2make a broken relationship work for them while ending up with angst myself.PLUNDERED 
  22. The story?I think i would feel better if he first confesses 2 her about what happened thus not trivializing the incident .THEN it's all fine 
  23. The story? Him not telling her at all is what is making me MOST ANGRY,As if saying "what happened bn him and I is some silly joke for fun" 
  24. The story? I want him to tell her.From what i know about her,she won't leave him even if he tells her.Once confessions are over, i move on! 
  25. The story? The honest truth is,he is not good enough for me even otherwise.But his constant pursuing like a dog made me say yes.look now 
  26. The story?He wanted me while I didn't.He pursued me till i say Yes.Then the news of fiance.I walk away.he goes back to her.messy story!LOL 
  27. The story? I keep liars/scum at arm's length from me always.This time i was mistaken.Now i am angry on myself.He got inspiration,I got anger 
  28. the story? There is no point never telling her and then pretending you are this nice man to a nice woman.Tell her.Then i move on.U move on 
  29. The story? U will always be this sneaky guy not confessing details to people(her,or me or others) if U feel it comes in the way of ur plan! 
  30. the story? YOu don't love her.You don't love me either.You are just this damaged trickster who takes it day to day.does whatever it takes! 
  31. The story? I am angry that i came into your life, inspired it and took you to a better place and in return i got this feeling of anger.geez 
  32. The story? I wish i could take back every bit of positivity that came into your life because of me and return all your negativity to you. 
  33. The story? END OF STORY..what the f*ck..what else is there to this shitty story..LOL.Idiot goes back to his compromise.I am happy alone! 
  34. oh yeah.My view on U? Beggars like U cannot be choosers.You are a liar and take what you get .I am too good for you.U WON'T get me 
  35. Also,don't constantly emulate me.You are not me.U will never be me.You will never HAVE real great friendships like I do coz U R a fake liar 
  36. \yeah,Also, You will never ever manage to find a great deep emotional relationship with anyone coz you are fake, and you don't deserve one!

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