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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pimping Billie Holiday?

When Billie holiday arrived in harlem, no one even tried to find out if the girl has any talents..
They just figured that she is a girl of 13 with vagina and put her into prostitution for "5$ a time".
That is what MODERN DAY PORN does too.
DOESN'T ALLOW WOMEN to be human beings,women with personalities,talents,likes and
To vegas and other porn/prostitution rings, women are just commodities to be leched at or rented out...
FOR SEX...because sex is a beautiful expression of love where NO MONEY
should play a role.
Speaking of which, women should stop offering their wombs for rent aka
housewivery?(sorry, just had to say it)

Letting out sexual energies in the wrong channels

I was watching this old japanese TV SERIES called OSHIN and there are these "1983 scenes" AMIDST the 1901 scenes, which honestly? could be done away with.
It is a pain to watch this YOUNG ACTRESS playing this GRANDMOTHER to this male actor who prolly in real life is her own age but is now playing her grandson .The 1983 scenes also show japanese society as the current society which is APING AMERICAN LIFESTYLE...(again, another pain to watch)

What an interruption in the scenic beauty of  the childhood story of oshin from 1901..LOL

So yeah, the grandson and grandmother have this strange equation,
I think that  the ACTORS managed to enact this equation  in a rather CREEPY MANNER..

Given the factor that possibly both the actress and actor are of the same age,yet the female actor is playing the male actor's grandmother and there is this STRANGE SEXUAL TENSION THAT I COULD PERCEIVE the whole way through their scenes together.
Either that or given that JAPAN IS SUCH A SEXUALLY REPRESSED SOCIETY ,it has become a social trend to have alternate ways of letting out the sexual tension by having creepy inappropriate sexual equations with females in the family who you have more access to communicate on a regular basis .

To add to the creepiness in one of the scenes, the grandson gets into a hot bath with his grandmother and scrubs her back...and geezus...
why, oh, why?
That is when it occurred to me that
This oftentimes occurs in societies where there are strict rules prohibiting free NORMAL SEXUAL INTERACTIONS with females ...AND THUS all that normal pent up sexual  energy seeks escape in interactions that are considered acceptable.Such repressed societies often times don't raise an eyebrow if you are talking to a female who is related by blood or marriage to other male members of your family.
Truly, In japan which has a history of  men having wives to procreate and Geishas on the side to amuse their other needs, such a creepy occurrence of a sexual frustrated grandma asking grandsons to rub their back or grandsons offering to rub backs of grandmas ...
Either ways, soaking in a bath tub is FILTHY...SOAKING IN A PUBLIC BATH is even more filthier.geezus .Japan and their public baths..Same goes for the public baths of the middle east..IN modern days..where ...anyways whatever.

Same thing with cultures where there is LOCKING UP of one gender in veils and garbs and often constantly  referring to them as some kind of sexual "object" ( as if men are not equally the sexual objects to , the men end up in HAMAMS having nice lil baths with fellow men.
Since interaction with fellow men is NOT VIEWED AS IMMORAL or not viewed  with suspicion,oftentimes all that pent up sexual energy that comes  from not being allowed to NORMALLY INTERACT with females,ends up getting translated to physical sexual interaction with fellow males and
behind closed yeah..
(I am NOT in any way IMPLYING that all male homosexual behavior stems from pent up sexual tension that has no outlet in repressed societies..Homosexuality is a complex subject with varied reasons, well)

Monday, November 26, 2012

The extremely agreeable woman with no personal personality

These women are extermely agreeable, and take upon the personality of the male sexual partner they are with...and they have NO REAL AUTHENTIC PERSONALITY OF THEIR OWN.
The moment they divorce the old husband or BF and get with a new boy, they funnily take upon the personality and opinions of the new boyfriend...
NO personality of their own there...This might make them seem very agreeable and EASY for LOSER MEN to want to be with.Ya know, the kind of men who feel threatened by anything that is NOT easy and NOT usable(...but then..even easy gets boring after sometime..... )
The reason why these women are so agreeable is because all through their childhoods they have been brought up by parents who directly and indirectly make it known to them that THEY DON'T MATTER, THEIR ORIGINAL OPINIONS DON'T MATTER, THEM HAVING AN OPINION IS A HINDRANCE,
These girls are often taught via subliminal messages that Their main role in life as female children is to be a 'PRINCESS" (WTF?) and they just need to keep sucking up to the dad by being the  "daddy's girl"
These women grow up into idiot adolescents with no personal life goals other than "making some lucky man very happy someday" and do they? NO
They end up emotionally confused and extremely disconnected to their surrounding which sometimes can come across as being pleasant and agreeable

Intensity of damage

then incur on other people by their selfish,petty actions.
They are just so caught up in their own needs,their petty selfish needs driven by greed and a warped up state of mind that they FAIL TO IDENTIFY THE DAMAGE they are inflicting on their victim


This is as much a SELF HELP blog for myself as it is for others like Mr.U and many of you readers who have PANIC ATTACKS..All of us have and will panic at one point of time or another..

Some of us might do it MORE OFTEN than others.

In my INFORMED OPINION(me being a physician and all),Panic attacks are DEFINITELY NOT A MENTAL DISORDER.
Though , when I studied in MED SCHOOL I noted  they do describe it as an ALTERATION FROM A NORMAL  Behavioral RESPONSE TO A SITUATION..

What is "NORMAL" anyways, I ask!

Psychiatry idealistically expects all HUMANS TO BE CLONES...
We are all not clones and therefore we must all be allowed our behavioural quirks,if you may!

So yeah, I wrote an article way back in December 2010.
An article about my new year resolutions back then.
After writing it in a frenzy, I didn't PUBLISH it on the blog.I just published it a few hours ago after suddenly accidentally spotting it in one of my draft files..

If you want to read the WHOLE NY RESOLUTIONS FOR 2011 article(which btw is VERY VERY LONG)look in my RAMBLE BLOG archives to spot it..

When I re-read it last night, I realized that some of the paragraphs in that blog entry could easily qualify as a separate blog entry on this ANTIDOTE TO ANGER BLOG.
HENCE, A partial REPOST is warranted for my psychology/psychiatry article enthusiasts here on this blog
Here goes the repost bit
I have this tendency to make impulsive decisions during that half hour of panic attack and then after that panic attack tides, I still have to abide by those impulsive decisions I made  during the panic attack and /or , track back on those ideas  which is a big big big waste of time.
One impulsive thing I often times do during panic attacks is EMAIL old bfs or try calling family...Trust me, in a panic attack, NOTHING HELPS except yourself consciously TIDING IT OVER CALMLY.

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