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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Analyzing the cause of anger works

I was almost gonna get miffed with a callous service station person .. Then after cursing them for being unprofessional and inefficient and not really wanting to work.. suddenly is realized and talked to myself aloud,
"" these are people that are stuck up in a service center for televisions..they just repair stuff. It is not like they invent stuff each day.. they just repair stuff.. Maybe the job is not motivating enough.. perhaps they just pay them the same , no matter how fast they repair televisions.. Maybe they wont get a bonus even if they do swift service..Ya know.. Maybe they feel their job sucks.. Maybe they feel unimportant by way of their work, which is why they harrass the customers to make themselves feel important" and suddenly i started realizing that i nailed the reason for their inefficient callous behavious.. the real reason why they do that, made them pity them more than i could get angry with them..
There ya goo..shitty people are shitty for a reason.. It is worth the time to find reason to pity them and not get angry.. coz pity is not harmful to the body. while if i get angry , i hurt myself

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Amsterdam administration cleans up sex district

Finally, after years and years of rambling and feeling angry at how young women are downright abused in the name of legal prostitution in Amersterdam's red light district under the guise of tourism... I am finally seeing signs of Antidotes to my anger regarding this issue...Finally, the amsterdam district administration realizes the drugs and prostitution can never be the right thing to do at all..So they decided to clean it all up ,, much to my delight..
Finally, some happy blogs on this blog ..Yay !

Monday, December 8, 2008

Jason just calms my nerves and makes me happy

A few months ago i would not dream of having a person who just by a few real words could make me into a whimpering puppy..but you see, i found that person..He is jason.. Jason mraz.. he speaks..his words well thought of , sincere and coming from the heart.. and all the issues that are dear to my heart and also dear to his heart and we connect and more than just the likemindedness that creates a connection.. it is just his mere words which each time i hear or read.. i just calm down... i feel hope for the world and i love him for having that much of a calming effect on me.. I never dreamt that anyone possessed that capacity to make me believe in the hope of human potential.. He makes me want to believe that there is still hope and that everything is going to be alright..thanks jason.. This calming effect that you have on me is well appreciated and very much cherished.. thanks sweetie.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Old people and botox--Self loathing?

what would make a 40 yr old person think that they can deal with poking needles in their face just so that there are no wrinkles on their face?
Why are 40 yr old women so so eager to not have wrinkles on their face?
Do they have such disrespect for their "old" selves?Why are they so hesistant to be proud of their age?
Is it because they associate youth with attention?
Whose attention are they seeking? The people who pay attention to only taut skin?
So,it looks like , these people disregard their own comfort and are only viewing themselves as tools of visual pleasure for other people?
And how come their self esteem is only based on a wrinkleless skin?
Is there nothing else to back their personality?
So,did they spend their whole life time only basing their self esteem on being a person with a desirable wrinkleless skin and nothing else?
Perhaps their appearance was the only thing they think is worthy enough of notice in their personality.
Wanting to look younger and healthy is one thing...but just poking yourself with needless in a desperate attempt to not have wrinkles is another.

wrinkles are CREASES...they are places on the skin where FOLDS exist, to facilitate movement .
WRINKLES are functional places  on the skin!
Places on our body ,that move a lot will develop creases around them just to have enough loose skin to accomdote bending and movement,for eg, like the eyes,which blink every few seconds and the mouth which moves a lot during eating and talking .
so,having WRINKLES is normal,it is part of normal anatomy.

I think youth lies in attitude.The more worthy you feel about yourself and your mind, the more likely the youthfulness shows on the face.
If you have done enough in your life ,you are confident,and when you are self assured your body language demonstrates it.

I just have a note for women who look like masks with no expression on their faces..That mask kinda gives away the insecurity.. the desperation.The botox mask face says, "like me like me because I don't like myself and I base my self esteem on you looking at me like an object of letch"

The botox stiffenned face kinda makes you look like a sad old woman/man wanting other people to look at it and look at that taut maks like face as visual stimulus..hmmmmmm

Why are wrinkles so bad? hmmmmm..Isn't one suppossed to have achieved something worthy of being proud of by the time the wrinkles appear so that there is a fall back cushion of achievement to fall back on?Where is the self confidence?

Either ways,good looks are NOT YOUR OWN DOING ever.They are just a product of a genetic lottery that happens during gamete fusion.
so,really,in my opinion,people who place a lot confidence in themselves because they look good are only taking credit for nature's miracles when their parents copulated...Go find something to be proud of that is YOUR OWN DOING...

Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate sythetase and an anger chain

It was a great morning. I woke early just as I had planned, I had to study up a lot of stuff..
I start reading the first line..Yeah.. phosphoribosylpyrophosphate and yeah, gout.. and then i remember one particular jack ass that was just a selfish piece of shit. I mean.. there is no dearth of assholes all over the place right?
Chance is,, if you are a young beautiful female doctor,, you might meet even more jackasses each day and the chance is..if you look a little naive..they might try and harass you too..
the point is.. there is no point in letting them get away with it.. just let those assholes say insensitive pointless jackassish things to you just coz they cant get their hormones under control once they see a beautiful woman and then get away with it..All coz you think you dont want to waste your energy coming back with a retort coz you know that these jackasses are that way because of their upbringing and their general airheadedness.
hmmmmmmm..but you know what... retorting and telling them that they need to shove it is a better idea than letting it go and then constantly reminiscing it later and getting angry about them.
So yeah.. the whole of yesterday , i never went beyond phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase, coz memories of all the cheap assholes that i come across each day as part of my work and otherwise flooded my head.I just wanted to make all those idiots stand in a line and slap them real hard one after another. that is going to happen.
But what i can do is make sure that i never allow assholes to say stupid things just coz they think i am naive and wont have a retort..
The anger chain wont just go away for some reason the whole day..I couldnt progress beyond a single paragraph about Gout.
I finally closed the book and listened to some Jason mraz.. it took an hour of music before i could stop being angry..gosh...Music in.. it shifts the brain processes from one part of brain to a whole another part and thus helps resting that part of the brain.
Also, i think i was far too angry coz i hadnt managed enough sleep.. I had gone 36hrs with no proper sleep.. sleep is so important .. to let the brain heal.
There are a lot of parents who are going to bring up children who will so abused and abandoned that they are going to grow up anyways and become abusive adults who harrass young happy women..You cannot go and correct that abberation in this universe..So , therefore, expecting all these messed up assholes to suddenly become nice people is too much to ask .. but what one can do though is. .preserve oneself.never allow the assholes to get away with abusive behaviour.. give it back to them in the same measure..that dont take the brunt of your own anger for letting a roadside asshole try and be disrespectful to you.
These people are nasty coz they are very unhappy with themselves..they are not nasty coz they think you deserve to be talked trash to...they are trashy coz that is all they are capable of..that is all they have to offer..The trick is..never allow them to dole out the trash to you.. stay away and if you cannot stay away..make it very clear that you think that they are trash and that you dont want any part of it.. that sets them right..
You see , most trash talkers are worthless people who are angry on themselves for being trash and that anger translates into jealousy when they see that someone else has managed to become this nice person who is not very angry with themselves and that inturn makes them jealous with you and that somehow makes them want to create trouble for you , just so that you get a lil bit unhappy and then you get angry and then you are just a little bit more messed up ..ya know..
So , when an asshole comes around with a smirk on his face and tries to trash kick him in the nuts and send him his way.. there is no other nice way to do it..coz the assholes dont understand the nice language.They only understand the language of force, obligation and harrassment..they understand a strong "fuck off and get away from me " rather than" mr so and so..maybe you should not harrass young women this way"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Re-living an angry moment is just a no no

sometimes i have this habit of getting angry over and over at the same thing , at the same moments of misbehaviour or disrespect that someone else gets away with and those moments that i allow to go away unreprimanded..Even more than being angry at the culprit for misbehaving or behaving disrespectfully, i would assume that when i relive those moments of anger, all i am more angry about is about the fact that i let them get away with it..
Expressing one's displeasure at an unacceptable situation or behaviour is the best possible option.There is absolutely no use, letting that moment go coz you are not sure if an angry outburst in response to someone else's nastiness is the right thing do .. and then reliving that moment again and again and getting angry over and over again...
But sometimes there are occasions esp with people who have been scheming for days to find a momentary opportunity to get on your nerves where they grope you at the most busy moment and then make a run or when they say somethign nasty while inside the elevator just prior to getting out and such..ya know..these schemers are deliberately doing this anger evoking activity with a malicious scheme where they know they are going to be nasty or creepy and they plan adequately so that they don't give the victim the opportunity to lash back.
What to do with such moments?
well, such abusers , need to be kept at bay and such people can be openly in..the next time they get into the elevator and smile at you..never smile back..they don't deserve it.. and if they ask you why you won't smile back , you can discuss the last times nastiness of theirs ...LOL
The gropers on the other hand need to be openly outed in public...that way...they will think twice before trying to molest you in that sneaky manner...and never ever smile in your lifetime at someone who has groped or touched you inappropiately.
Either ways...reliving an angry moment is bad..analyzing it and writing down notes as to what needs to be done to remedy the anger is a better idea..Alteast that is what i have figured out i would do the next time.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

patch -

That is the name of this painting of mine..I have some anger when i reminisce about this pedophile that i once dated..The thing is..this pedophilic habit, though confronted by me,,just wasn't done in a forceful manner where i could prove it positively ...Sometimes sex abusers have this very manipulative behavior and they are very prepared each time they get questioned to brush it off without getting caught.hmmmm..Anyways..'patch' kinda describes the darkness in the minds of these pedophiles who are everywhere right around you and if you look close you can out them.

Lazy ass parents and Chemical food for kids

Lazy ass parents who hate having to take care of kids just end up taking things out of packages and think they are doing their job.Come on, if you didn't have it in your to take care of kids, you should not have focked around to produce kids in the first place.But now that you have biologically done something to be responsible for their birth, do them a favor and give them some good food.Give then natural foods.I have seen a lot of parents, who complain about how tough it is to be a parent and all i see them doing is , opening up packages and pour out the already prepared food onto the kids plates.Yeah right, that is tough?NO really, If you are an irresponsible fock, don't have kids..Oh no, but then, you just had to sleep around and the kids accidentally happen and then you torture the kids you give birth to ..And ofcourse these kids are going to end up with obesity problems not to mention ADD and psychiatric problems.What else can they expect ?HMmm

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Anger as a prelude to Premenstrusal syndrome-PMS

Well, the word, Pre menstrual syndrome has been well quoted especially by men who want to further rub it  in after making their women angry in the first place.They blame it all on some PMS.

What people don't understand is that PMS is one of the most recent lifestyle diseases ,that,  Just much like other lifestyle diseases Like Diabetes or Hypertension, owes It's existence partly  to STRESS IN LIFE as much as other dietary changes in society.Yes, PMS also has hormonal causes and genetic causes, but stress in life is definitely a contributing factor.

I am a physician and I am a female too.I suspect that when women are immensely stressed for prolonged periods of times, and I am talking , relationship problems, adjustment disorders at work place , etc etc and they have been experiencing this immense stress for very long..they end up translating this stress into bodily  ailments(psychosomatic disorders) and the chances that PMS might emerge in chronically stressed women is very very HIGH.
A previously healthy women who has had no PMS might suddenly started having PMS...and then , the first things she must do is examine her life to IDENTIFY STRESSORS.

I say this only coz my knowledge is backed up by my med school training and also my  OWN menstrual experiences as a female since puberty and how PMS has suddenly become a real phenomenon for me personally as the amount of stress I subject myself to these days is escalating.I have noticed a HIGH ASSOCIATION of PMS occurrence with stressors in my life off late

You know, Many a medical discovery is made by physicians while they suffer or start to suffer from a disorder and are able to scrutinize the whole scenario as a third party physician and since they know all the insider's info too and since they are the patient as well as the physician,they end up making startling discoveries.Just saying

I conclude that PMS definitely is more likely to make a sudden appearance in women who previously might have had happy menstrual experiences if suddenly exposed to prolonged stress.
Meanwhile, men who are the cause of the stress in their women's life, somehow ironically blame, PMS for all the arguments..It is a very irresponsible thing to do.
Ya know, afterall, maybe it is not PMS, maybe she is arguing with you and crying with you coz you suck..Ya know?

Meanwhile, all ladies who are reading this and who suffer from PMS each month, please keep a detailed diary of how many times each day, you feel intense stress, note the cause of stress, and note it down in the diary.Mention episodes of PMS too.You can email me with your diary and it could help in analysis of the correlation studies between stress and PMS.
Again, Hormonal imbalances and other such physiological factors DO OCCUR  in PMS..So, I am not saying that all PMS is just solely due to stress.
hugs to everyone and peace.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Women Olympic atheletes just gave me my funny bone back

Yes they did..It feels good to see young girls so thrilled about their new worlds records and what not.
Yay too all women that participated in the olympics and will further participate in the competitions further in the coming days..
I really really am behind all of you, coz i love people who try their best to be the world's best.
And suddenly it strikes me, the world is a happy place after all.The olympic atheletes just made it a happy place for me.
I am not angry anymore..I need to try and look at the ugliness in the world as something that other people are and something that i don't need to take it upon my nerves..I can angry but there needs to be a detached sense of anger.ya know !

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hi to all feed burners and feed subscribers

I just noticed that some of you readers have subscribed to this blog of mine.I also found that some of you have burned the feed of this blog.Thanks for noticing the blog. I am not that really a sincerely punctual blogger ya know.It is sporadic to say the least.I don't even type and edit my entries before posting..Sometimes i just have ten min and i have to type out five different blogs in that time..I manage though..LOL..Which might explain the typos and such.
I Would really like it if the subscribers and feedburners would message me with an Hi ! and introduce themselves to me.
Love and best wishes

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

About getting fleeced for not being a talentless money shark

I left a comment for someone on their blog and as is norm, just thought that i must share the comments with my own readers too.
Here goes :
"I totally agree.These days if you are not money minded, you are viewed as a push over by the administrators and get fleeced.The greedy docs get paid higher and higher and if you as a doc,continue to care for just doing your job and doing it right, you never get paid as much as the doc who gets away without working hard.The moral of the story is be a talentless shark like moneyminded guy and you shall get away with getting paid more and more.Be like a responsible compassionate doc who loves her job, get fleeced and exploited more and more.NOt fair at all.yeah, true about how compassion is viewed as a weakness.As far as patients are concerned, some of them think that by reading a few things online about the disease,it makes them as good as a doctor.Seriously, infact, when i was complaining the other day to my trainer about how tired i was from work, he told me," come on , you are a doctor, you just get to sit around all day, talk to people and write some prescriptions.That can't be hard work" I am not sure, if we need to jump up and down and do somersaults to make our job look hard enough.hmmmm.Seriously, whoever reads internet medical websites and starts thinking that making a diagnosis would require only that much expertise as reading a website, they sure can then go ahead and treat themselves.Why come in for a consultation?Seriously, this just makes me angry and feel so much less validated."

Monday, August 4, 2008

The pervs who stare down at you at the beach or swimming pool

Please note that this particular blog entry has also been simulaneously posted at my'ramble blog'.You can read my other blogs from the blogroll.
Here goes the blog:

When i say pervs..I mean all those men , middle aged or not-so-middle aged but with girlfriends or with wives at home, yet , who come down to the beach and stare down at other women, young and not so young but hotbodied..Seriously, it is so annoying. It is bad manners to stare at someone with the drool dripping out like that..seriously !Come on.
Why am i writing a blog entry about letchers? And more importantly, why am i writing this blog entry here in the 'Ramble blog' rather than at my 'Antidote to anger blog'?Speaking of which, maybe i must post a copy of this blog at that blog too for the benefit of the readers of that blog, who btw are so used to my anger filled blogs, this might come across as rosy and very mild to them..LOL.Coming back to the topic on hand, :
Well, from what i notice, this blog has farther reach than my antidote to anger blog and i want to talk and let the letchers understand that it is not cool to lustfully stare down a woman esp if she is far too younger for you in the first place to even make any romantic advances towards, or if you are already married or in a relationship and should not actually be staring down other women in the first place.Even if you were single and hot and the same age as the woman you are staring down at or letcher, either at the beach or the swimming pool, I would have to still insist that staring down at someone's body is not really cool at all.It is creepy.
I have a great body but i don't find it flattering at all , if someone stares down my body .My body may be great and beautiful but please, please, don't letcher at me with that creepy lustful stare that is measuring me up and finally ends with a semi masturbatory expression on your face.Seriously, get a grip..
The funny part is, though it is not as painful when the other person checking you out is a young guy who is single and has a great body, it still is indecent in some way if the kind of stare is this, "let me see , how big are your boobs" or.. "good, this butt is squeezable" and such..Funny thing is,, if you catch them staring at you, they smile back at you with a pathetic cocky smirk...seriously,,that is such a put off.
Staring down the body of someone else, with a lustful expression is rude and indicative of sexual frustration..Checking someone out for a brief second or a good 5 seconds is okay.AFter all , all of us are young and are perhaps looking for someone who we may want to have a chemistry with, but then staring anyone down or checking them out more than 5 seconds and more so giving them a evil smirk after doing so , is a definite NO-NO. staring at boobs or butt or the crotch area in specific is a definite put off and akin to violation.
There just might be a possiblity that some young hot bodied women(aka me-not trying to boast,just giving an example) might just be coming to the swimming pool to get a work out.They probably are not looking to be stared down by creepy potbellied married men or for that matter they prolly don't want to be letchered at by anyone irrespective of the fact as to whether the men are hot themselves...
Staring down or letchering at someone is not cool,period !
There is a lot of difference between checking someone out and lustfully letchering at someone.
Stick to a brief 5 second stare if at all you have to stare, and if you are single and ready to mingle and if you know for sure that the other person is ready to mingle, then perhaps , you could politely introduce yourself outside of the pool and take it from there.Don't behave like a sexually frustrated cocky bastard.Please !

Why do people gossip?

well ! because for one , it so satisfying for them to sit there and judge other people, it feels better to be the one judging that being the one to be judging and what better way to do that than gossip about them behind the back.After all, if you talk to them to their face, half of the gossip talk will turn out to be, yeah, gossiping behind someone's back is the best way . Isn't it?
I really stay away from gossipping coz idle talk gives me a headache.Unfortunately for me, a lot of others don't .
I think people gossip when they don't have topics of conversation .They are like, Hey, Hello and then decide that gossiping about a third person instead of about each other is the best way to pass off some time.
Meanwhile, gossipping is another technique for revenge and spreading rumors too esp if the third person you are talking about is better than you and not part of the conversation.Makes it easy to say an shite you want and no one is there to defend themselves .
Gossiping also comes from insecurity or jealousy.
Finally, yes gossiping comes out of idleness.
Inshort, people need to start doing productive things rather than sit around and gossip.Seriously, come on, get something productive to do so that you can feel better about yourself .hmmmm.That way you can pass of the time doing good things and at the same time also feed good enough about yourself that you won't need to resort to gossipping to put someone else down inorder to feel good about yourself.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What is wrong with the concept of "Gender appropriate toys"

Peggy recently blogged about how even the limited edition 'Space barbie' though is supposed to be an astronaut barbie, has so much make up on , it is hideous..And , I completely agree, much as i agree to most of what peggy blogs about.You can read more of her blogs by following the link to her Women in Science blog on my blogroll.
Meanwhile, i will just post a quote of the comment I myself made on there.
Here goes my comment.
Start of quote:
"Hey peggy, thanks a ton for posting blogs that i myself would have liked to talk or blog about but haven't had the time to do so.
Yeah.. well ! My dad bought me a set of 'blocks' when i was a kid,the ones you use to construct different things.I wonder if they categorize 'blocks' as boys toys at the toy store.If they do,then the toy company needs to be sued for false propoganda of gender preferences.Me and my sis both were girls and we loved blocks very much..Thanks to dad for buying us sensible toys.BTw..I am a doctor now..a female doctor, and my sister is an engineer..a female engineer and well! pink is not the fav color of either of us.(Not that i discriminate against pink).I like earthy colors and i like bike rides and i really don't like makeup..I vote for unisex toys..Toys don't need to be gender categorized at all.Infact , i find the word 'Tomboy' stupid.Women who don't play with barbies are called tomboys..why? Anyone can like cars and anyone can like barbies,they don't need to be abnormal for liking things that are not what they are expected to like.. The concept of 'Gender appropriate toys' is to be done with.I want to ask , "Is is inappropriate for a girl to play with toy cars?" If so , why?Unisex toys is the way to go.Infact, parents must take their kids to the toystore and allow them to pick whatever they want.If boys pick a barbie so be it,it is just that the boy likes to play with human figures.If a girl picks cars, well it is just that the girl likes cars.Ya know.
Btw, did you hear about this russian sexual harrasment court case where the judge actually told the woman that it is right of the bosses to make sexual advances to the women employees..I actually blogged about it in my 'An Antidote to anger' blog..Or perhaps my 'Not so Daily Ramble blog', I forget which one though.
Also,I am gonna repost this comment on one of my blogs too ,just so that my readers get to read my views on this issue too.Many hugs and take care"END OF QUOTE

Russian women and sexual harrassment case in russia

Seriously, this news report just made me open my mouth and say ,"NO! He didnt say that !"
I mean, this russian lady, filed a sexual harrassment case in russia and asked for her boss to be convicted and then arrested or sentenced coz he kept making sexual advances at her and in very clear words asked her to have sex with her or else she either loses her job or never makes progress in her career.
Now, the sexual advances are proven too..
Now, what does the judge decide?
He actually decides in favor of the boss...why? NOt because he found the accusations baseless.But primarily because he thinks that it is normal and expected of women to sleep with their bosses if they at all desire to get a promotion.He actually condones the ass grabing and sexual relations that bosses force upon the women ..It is almost like he said, "you better sleep with him when he wants you to ,or else, come on, how else are you going to keep your job?"
MY QUESTION IS , "what kind of a judge is this?"
Is russian law literally the mafia law?
What the fockers is he saying?
And how exactly is he getting away with officially saying these things?
What the fockers?
What the hell?
gosh ! this rate..there is going to be no 'antidote to anger' at all..
What the hell?
p.s:I am still trying to find a link to this news article so that i can post it here.
I shall post it as soon as i find the link,k?Meanwhile do google this case , will ya?

Friday, August 1, 2008

How not to be angry?

I get angry with a lot of people around.Whom does that affect>?That anger ,,just the anger ! well..If i don't express to the person that they are causing me the anger, then the anger is most likely going to affect me in a negative manner.
I figured out how to not be angry..I could even before the anger reaches the brim, start expressing my displeasure to this person that is causing the anger.
Well! That is only possible if a specific person is causing me specific displeasure.What if i am getting angry at the shallowness and stupidity of people on TV ..what is the solution..Either write a blog about it or write to the tv producers and if any of that is not smart enough to not let all of that affect me..I guess that last mentioned method is the method most people adopt to be so desensitized with things that they can go by each day without getting angry or affected by anything unless it is directly affecting them in some way.They don't care if someone litters the place, they don't care if illegals start gang bangings groups in the US, they don't care if people are getting stupider by the day in the US, they don't care if all that is there on TV is some trash gossip about some stupid actors in the entertainment industry.
Gosh ! Why do i care so much?LOL

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

some women just encourage their family members to victimize them

well, the thing is, sometimes some women gently encourage their family members to act selfish, just so that they can pass off as a martyr..I think this tendency to slowly and slyly encourage them to behave like monsters so that they can then go ahead and pose as this hapless victim that does things for everyone at home, stems from a deep sense of insecurity and malicious thought process there of, where they see themselves completely incapable of winning love unless they play these games.It also stems from lack of self confidence where they think that they really are not capable of doing anything on their own and yet and therefore have to decided to devise methods where they can 'fool' other people to think they are useful in some way.I use the world fool here not because i think they are fooling people..i use the word fool coz they think they are fooling other people into believing they are useful in someway coz they themselves have started viewing themselves are useless .
A good sign of self loathing where in their heart of hearts they feel that unless they victimize themselves or play the victim, there just is going to be no possibility that anyone will value them ever.They dread a scenario where no one is the victim and yet they are indispensible.they view themselves as dispensible which is exactly why they try to create a situation where they want to pose as someone who is giving up a lot of self dignity to make the relationship to survive.
this is a pathetic plan.they need to respect themselves enough and make themselves worthy enough to still be needed even if there is no victimization involved at all.
I mean after all, people can just like another person just because of the way they are not and not because of the things this person does for them..Ya know...To actually imagine that unless you create sceanarios where you prove that you are abused and yet decide to be the jesus christ of the relationship where you let yourself get abused and such, only indicates a lot of self loathing that you have for yourself where you think that unless you are the jesus christ of the relationship no one will want to be around you.
Come on,have a life, do things you want to do..don't depend on other people .You life should not depend on someone else going on a guilt trip.
Do things that make you feel independent and self worthy.You should have choices and be proud of things that you do on your own .That way you don't need to depend on someone else's good books.That paves the way for non guilt trip dependant relationships where mutual respect and real camaraderie is what survives the relationship.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Passing the ball in the child rearing dept.

yet again, i was reading this blog entry on Peggy's blog about How ultra orthodox israeli women received their biotechnology degrees after recieving training in the field in segregrated classes with intructors trying to teach while still following strict religious stipulations and there was one sentence on there at how, child maitenence was provided to them during the course of the training and also how the cribs were lined at the aisle while they lined up at the graduation ceremony at aisles...hmmmm
here is a copy of the comment i left on there
btw.i also felt when i read the sentence ,"Baby carriages lined the aisles", that they were trying to somehow put the whole responsibility of child rearing on the women.It was almost like they were sending a subliminal message to the women in general that no matter what they do , they better be equipped to take the whole responsibility of child rearing all on their own.I have seen that in many societies, this kind of indirect discouragement by still making them take full responsibility of the children even if they work oustide , eventually makes the women chose to stay home out of sheer resentment that they have to do double the work even if they work outside and make money anyways, so why not sit home and make the men make money since the men wont help them raise the children.ya know.reverse psychology is some feuds in another way.hmmmmm.
1:22 PM

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What causes anger?

I think anger mostly stems from this inability to do anything to correct a situation which causes distress and this may be anything from oppressive parents or an oppressive spouse on whom you are financially dependant .It Could be anything or anyone from whom you feel you have no choice to get away from...That helplessness when compounded from repeat occurance of the same distress gets bottled up in anger and if this anger is not unbottled in a conscious manner by assessing and acknowledging the actual cause of distress, it might end up causing a change in personality pattern.
I have seen quite a few people who are abused by their parents who end being the same worthless parent that caused them such distress.I have see this relative of mine..All her life , she was treated like dirt at her home by her mother and now she is a parent and she herself ends up behaving the same nasty way with her own daughter.Hmmmm.I would think she would actually make an effort to be different..but i think sometimes people are like that...Prolly this is the only chance in life she is getting to talk down to someone or to control someone else's life...and she is knocking herself out...the hapless child..hmmm

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why don't stupid people stop having kids? what kind of question is that

"Why don't stupid people stop having kids?"
well !
First off, I came across this goal on 43things, where quite a few people had this goal to
Needless to say, i went around reading the comments and such.
Finally ofcourse, I put in my two cents on here for everyone to read about this issue.
Now that i did this, I thought, i might as well come here and share my two cents with the blogger readers here
Here goes :
You know what, the lesser the person is capable of achieving anything in life, the more they are depressed and unsure of themselves.The more unsure they are of themselves, the more insecure they are.The more insecure they are , the more they will try to have people in their life who have no choice(with respect to being with them or leaving them ) and those who cannot abandon them.This is where kids figure.YOu see, kids cannot run away till they are 18.So, these stupid people are ensured validation each and every day for a period of 16 yrs or 18 yrs where other human constantly has to ask their permission to do things which kinda makes them feel important.That kinda makes them feel more worthy.This is exactly why , stupid people deliberately have more kids when infact they could do some service to the world and not have any.Having said that, sometimes, children that are born to such worthless people have undergone trauma due to stupid parenting for 16yrs , they tend to develop a completely opposite personality and might actually end up overachievers.You see, they know on a first hand basis how stupidity sucks.So, they try to go ahead try not to be stupid.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hey.I am not angry today

7/5/08 5:19 AM
I am not angry today.
Why you ask?
I had an opportunity two days ago to either just walk away and brood in anger or just stand there and take the time to give a piece of mind to the offender.
The offender in this case was a very ignorant and disprespectful grocery shop employee.
Usually, I do not indulge in loud arguments with people who i think don't possess the mental capacity to understand a reprimand.
Such people are beyond repair and wriggling in squalours of a messed up life to such an extent that i think that no amount of reprimand is going to awaken them to loose that disconnect and develop a soul.
For , after long of doing this letting bad people get away with bad behaviour, i realized that this type of forgiveness did no good to anyone, me included.
IF at all it did anything, it allowed the unvented anger to simmer in me and sear my soul.
So, finally, i decided that i am going to give it back in good measure to the next jackass that comes my way.
And though i wasted a good 40 min of my time in the process and though other shoppers at the grocery store were staring at me , You know what, at the end of it, I came back home and felt proud that i made the no gooders know that i know that they are no gooders.
I am pretty sure that they will continue to be jackasses, and well, atleast i didnt let them get away with being a jackass with me.
you see, that is why i am not angry today.
I am happy

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A belt around a neck and food pellets!

6/15/08 5:30 AM
Do you like walking around with e belt around your neck?
Do you like being dragged around with a belt around your neck and being taken on walks-not when you actually want to but when only when someone else has the time(even if you just dont fell like it at that time?)
Do you like being fed at the same time each time and having to wait around for food when you are biologically perfectly capable of hunting your own food?
Do you like some unnatural food (allegedly fulfilling all nutritional needs) but doesnt look like the food existing in nature?
NO? well.
Dogs and cats don't either.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The wrong reason to want to be a parent

5/29/08 7:15 AM
Sometimes, i look at parents and it makes me mad.
They are so unfit to be parents.
To me, parenting is a noble job , a job of great honor and responsibility.
I find it silly when i see parents who just almost seem to enjoy ordering their kids around.They like to roll their eyes and stifle their tone and set rules for the children just coz it make them feel like they are a somebody with subordinates whom they can control and order around and the sad part is that these subordinates(unlike subordinates in a work situation) that they are bossing around are so tiny that they can't even quit their job and run away from this tyranny.
There are these other group of parents who just want a barbie doll..They like this daily chore of bathing and clothing this lil baby .These parents scare me the most.I mean, the barbie doll of their's is going to to grow up in a year or two and what then are they going to do then? People need to understand that children have their own personality, they deserve to be treated with respect too. And yeah, if you lie a lot in your daily life and then set hard and fast rules your children not to lie to you, trust me, they will end up liars just like you anyways.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Trouble with NOT being an Average Jane !

5/12/08 2:11 AM
There is a lot of trouble that one faces for not being the Average Jane.
So much trouble, that it distresses me.

A not so good looking person would perhaps think each day that ," Hey !Had I been a lot more good looking than i am, I would have accomplished a lot more things easier !"
I go, Hmmmmm.....
A not so intelligent person would perhaps think each day in class or at work ," Hey ! Had I been more intelligent than i am , I would have had a much easier time than i am having right now !"
I go, Hmmm.......

Now ,Now..Ask me all about How much more difficult it is to be good looking and Intelligent and have it all easy.

In today's time, It appears that You are liked less if you are not as nasty as the next person.
In today's time, It appears that you are liked less if you are perhaps more good looking than the average person at work or in class or even at home.
In today's time, It appears that you are liked less if you are smarter than the rest of them there.

As a person who stands out(unfortunately for my own bad !) in the crowd and
As a person who works hard for what she strives to achieve,
As a person who has the talent to back up that hardwork,
As a person who believes in not being nasty and
As a person who won't bittttc h around ,
As a person who IS proud about the fact that i am blessed with a more than average I.Q,
IT WOULD BE NATURAL TO assume that i would have it easy in life.
Easy, My foot !

ON THE CONTRARY , I THINK that the very fact I am perhaps all of the above makes it more difficult for me.

The main reason for this would probably be because of the changes today's society has undergone.
The demorgraphic changes .Ya know !
A lot of 'non-productive-negative-bashing' takes places in every arena.There is no respect for real talent anymore.All because , the majority of the population had ended up being this lazy ass group of people with a lot of bottled up anger.


The majority of the population seems to be reeling under this wave of insecurity and nastiness compounded by such levels of mediocricity that when eventually a person who is more accomplished that them comes their way, That person ends up being harrassed and targeted and made to almost feel sorry for being better than them.The mediocre pieces of shite seem to be ruling the roost nowadays.

These less enterprising people must stop harrassing others who work hard to achieve what they do achieve and instead spend their energies on making themselves better to match up to these others that are nasty to.But instead of doing something productive, all they want is , for the more intelligent ones to be as sad and as nasty and as pathetic as themselves. All in an attempt to make themselves feel better about themselves.
Trust me , moaning and bitchhhhing and dirty politics and idle gossip and mudslinging is going to not make you feel better about yourself.You know you are nasty and that knowledge of that truth won't allow to make yourself feel better.

All i am disheartened now is about the fact that the majority now consists of pathetic losers(just had to use this term) -

Losers who have no real single person they can trust,
The majority of losers who are not trustworthy themselves,
The majority of losers who have no respect for someone else's talent,
The majority of losers who won't care to make themselves good enough ,
just good enough so that each time they see someone else who is capable and talented they won't feel insecure to such an extent that they will resort to dirty politics.

I am sick and tired of being singled out and targeted all coz the bitchhhh group feels insecure that they pale out in comparison ...

Killing the competition by unethical means won't cut it buddies(buddies? Blah !)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trash monsters feeding on trash magazines !

5/7/08 5:54 AM
Beware : This is an angry blog.None of the words below will be sugarcoated.If you are fan of unreal sugarcoated useless fluff, Please look away !

Having said that , I want to talk about the state of the media today.

When you go have a look at the local neighbourhood newstand or magazine rack at a book shop or supermarket, about 90% of the magazines neatly stacked up on there are trash.

What do i mean by trash?

Glorified gossip magazines.

And, to think that a lot of people are constantly purchasing these gossip magazines judging by numbers of the various magazines that the supermarket stocks , tells a lot about the psyche of the average reader.

The average magazine reader is looking for trash news.

What does that make the average magazine reader?

The would make the readers trash too.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU ASSIMILATE, and if you assimilate useless news about

'Who kissed whom' and

'who wore what' and

'who got newly pregnant' and

'whose house is bigger' ,

you really gain nothing.Nothing at all.

You are pushing your brain to a vegetative state without much stimulation in terms of innovativeness.

I mean, if A slept with B , How does that affect you at all?

In no particular way , unless A or B is actually sleeping with you too.

So, why exactly do you read such trash?Because you have nothing else to do ? Or , because you chose to do nothing else that is productive except try and learn who kissed whom.Gosh !

After much thinking, i finally came to the conclusion that it is all a vicious cycle.Teenagers are forcefed this trash news right from the time they can read and understand and they for the longest time concentrate on things that the trash magazine seems to project as important and end up doing nothing productive in life except try and emulate other high school dropouts who just happen to be in showbiz. Finally, this leads them to have no proper education and thus these teens end up very badly equipped to plan a decent life with productivity.This then makes them make stupid decision with regards to jobs and relationships. And finally they end up with such a shitty life that they seek solace by trying an escape route of getting lost in fantasy land by yet again reading those very trash magazines which were the cause of their ruin the first place.

I mean.. The only decent magazines that i see there on the magazine rack are READER'S DIGEST and TIME( Time is on it's way to trashiness too ) .

So,'s angry blog is about


Meanwhile, i don't care what some overpaid showbiz bimbo wears. I shall wear what i like and what suits me and what is comfortable. I want to be able to go the supermarket and pick from a variety of intelligentely written magazines that actually equip me to examine my life and improve it rather than those magazine that provide me an escape.

90% of Americans don't know how to manage their money(judging by their mortagages and credit card debts-shame on yourself) and 99% Americans are in focked up relationships ..If they dont' take the time to examine and make better their own lives, I have no idea , how much that is going to contribute to the dwindling of the human resource factor of the nation.

So, All the trash monsters, please stop reading those trash magazines, try and look at things that immediately concern you, LIKE , your education, your finances, your relationships, your garden, your self respect and dignity.

NUff said.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

About this blog

5/4/08 7:23 AM
I had been thinking of keeping a public blog open for readers to savor(savour).Savor a part of me , my mind , my psyche .
Infact, I would love to go ahead and have several blogs (now that i am given that option here on blogger-Therefore , blogger rocks !)
One of my public blogs is going to be 'An antidote to anger' .
Whose anger you may ask?
My anger?
Partly , yes..
But this blog would strive to serve the purpose of an antidote to the seething anger that lies hidden in a variety of souls and manifests itself in many forms, the most common of them being that of what we call as 'Personality traits'
I would love to hear the ' all and sundry' comments of everyone that reads this blog.
I would also request that no one plagiarizes(plagiarises) my blog.
Come on, you can do better than that.
Plagiarism only stems from deep lying disbelief in one's own capabilities.It is almost as if you have finalized in your head that your own original thoughts are no good and therefore, all you can do is , steal someone else's writing and ideas and tease and tweak it a bit and present it as your own.
They say "Imitation is flattering" .To me, Imitation , especially , If my written work is blatanly stolen , only evokes , irritation in me .
So, Please so refrain from stealing my written words.If you do want to share what i write , link to my blog.There is something called the url..share it..Url was designed chiefly in an attempt to let other people find a page.You want someone else to read what i write, just share my url.
One more important thing about my writing is that, i never edit after i type in.Whatever comes to my mind goes straight to the keyboard and then straight to the computer's 'compose screen' and then straight to the blog entry.That is my style of writing and i would like to keep it that way, risking the fact that my blog might end up looking like a 'hurriedly gathered up torrent of words".
But , I think fast, i type fast, and i think and write in a unique manner.I want to retain that about myself and my writing.So, no editing for me .
Enjoy !
Yeah , btw, people who need writer's workshops to become a writer are actually not writers in the real sense.I mean, come on, If you have to strain to eek out a piece of writing, that means you are a constipated person.
Writing is all about diarrhea(diarrhoea)..Verbal diarrhoea
Keep the comments coming my way.I love arguments and discussions.

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