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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hi to all feed burners and feed subscribers

I just noticed that some of you readers have subscribed to this blog of mine.I also found that some of you have burned the feed of this blog.Thanks for noticing the blog. I am not that really a sincerely punctual blogger ya know.It is sporadic to say the least.I don't even type and edit my entries before posting..Sometimes i just have ten min and i have to type out five different blogs in that time..I manage though..LOL..Which might explain the typos and such.
I Would really like it if the subscribers and feedburners would message me with an Hi ! and introduce themselves to me.
Love and best wishes

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

About getting fleeced for not being a talentless money shark

I left a comment for someone on their blog and as is norm, just thought that i must share the comments with my own readers too.
Here goes :
"I totally agree.These days if you are not money minded, you are viewed as a push over by the administrators and get fleeced.The greedy docs get paid higher and higher and if you as a doc,continue to care for just doing your job and doing it right, you never get paid as much as the doc who gets away without working hard.The moral of the story is be a talentless shark like moneyminded guy and you shall get away with getting paid more and more.Be like a responsible compassionate doc who loves her job, get fleeced and exploited more and more.NOt fair at all.yeah, true about how compassion is viewed as a weakness.As far as patients are concerned, some of them think that by reading a few things online about the disease,it makes them as good as a doctor.Seriously, infact, when i was complaining the other day to my trainer about how tired i was from work, he told me," come on , you are a doctor, you just get to sit around all day, talk to people and write some prescriptions.That can't be hard work" I am not sure, if we need to jump up and down and do somersaults to make our job look hard enough.hmmmm.Seriously, whoever reads internet medical websites and starts thinking that making a diagnosis would require only that much expertise as reading a website, they sure can then go ahead and treat themselves.Why come in for a consultation?Seriously, this just makes me angry and feel so much less validated."

Monday, August 4, 2008

The pervs who stare down at you at the beach or swimming pool

Please note that this particular blog entry has also been simulaneously posted at my'ramble blog'.You can read my other blogs from the blogroll.
Here goes the blog:

When i say pervs..I mean all those men , middle aged or not-so-middle aged but with girlfriends or with wives at home, yet , who come down to the beach and stare down at other women, young and not so young but hotbodied..Seriously, it is so annoying. It is bad manners to stare at someone with the drool dripping out like that..seriously !Come on.
Why am i writing a blog entry about letchers? And more importantly, why am i writing this blog entry here in the 'Ramble blog' rather than at my 'Antidote to anger blog'?Speaking of which, maybe i must post a copy of this blog at that blog too for the benefit of the readers of that blog, who btw are so used to my anger filled blogs, this might come across as rosy and very mild to them..LOL.Coming back to the topic on hand, :
Well, from what i notice, this blog has farther reach than my antidote to anger blog and i want to talk and let the letchers understand that it is not cool to lustfully stare down a woman esp if she is far too younger for you in the first place to even make any romantic advances towards, or if you are already married or in a relationship and should not actually be staring down other women in the first place.Even if you were single and hot and the same age as the woman you are staring down at or letcher, either at the beach or the swimming pool, I would have to still insist that staring down at someone's body is not really cool at all.It is creepy.
I have a great body but i don't find it flattering at all , if someone stares down my body .My body may be great and beautiful but please, please, don't letcher at me with that creepy lustful stare that is measuring me up and finally ends with a semi masturbatory expression on your face.Seriously, get a grip..
The funny part is, though it is not as painful when the other person checking you out is a young guy who is single and has a great body, it still is indecent in some way if the kind of stare is this, "let me see , how big are your boobs" or.. "good, this butt is squeezable" and such..Funny thing is,, if you catch them staring at you, they smile back at you with a pathetic cocky smirk...seriously,,that is such a put off.
Staring down the body of someone else, with a lustful expression is rude and indicative of sexual frustration..Checking someone out for a brief second or a good 5 seconds is okay.AFter all , all of us are young and are perhaps looking for someone who we may want to have a chemistry with, but then staring anyone down or checking them out more than 5 seconds and more so giving them a evil smirk after doing so , is a definite NO-NO. staring at boobs or butt or the crotch area in specific is a definite put off and akin to violation.
There just might be a possiblity that some young hot bodied women(aka me-not trying to boast,just giving an example) might just be coming to the swimming pool to get a work out.They probably are not looking to be stared down by creepy potbellied married men or for that matter they prolly don't want to be letchered at by anyone irrespective of the fact as to whether the men are hot themselves...
Staring down or letchering at someone is not cool,period !
There is a lot of difference between checking someone out and lustfully letchering at someone.
Stick to a brief 5 second stare if at all you have to stare, and if you are single and ready to mingle and if you know for sure that the other person is ready to mingle, then perhaps , you could politely introduce yourself outside of the pool and take it from there.Don't behave like a sexually frustrated cocky bastard.Please !

Why do people gossip?

well ! because for one , it so satisfying for them to sit there and judge other people, it feels better to be the one judging that being the one to be judging and what better way to do that than gossip about them behind the back.After all, if you talk to them to their face, half of the gossip talk will turn out to be, yeah, gossiping behind someone's back is the best way . Isn't it?
I really stay away from gossipping coz idle talk gives me a headache.Unfortunately for me, a lot of others don't .
I think people gossip when they don't have topics of conversation .They are like, Hey, Hello and then decide that gossiping about a third person instead of about each other is the best way to pass off some time.
Meanwhile, gossipping is another technique for revenge and spreading rumors too esp if the third person you are talking about is better than you and not part of the conversation.Makes it easy to say an shite you want and no one is there to defend themselves .
Gossiping also comes from insecurity or jealousy.
Finally, yes gossiping comes out of idleness.
Inshort, people need to start doing productive things rather than sit around and gossip.Seriously, come on, get something productive to do so that you can feel better about yourself .hmmmm.That way you can pass of the time doing good things and at the same time also feed good enough about yourself that you won't need to resort to gossipping to put someone else down inorder to feel good about yourself.

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