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Thursday, December 20, 2012

MOCKING the person who had sex with you?

When I say sex,it includes,
physical sex,
verbal sex(phone sex,email sex,sexting)
and internet
sex..any kind of sexual interaction is sex and even a NON PENETRATION,
So, whenever I use the word "sex" it includes all aspects of sexuality and
doesn't necessarily just indicate physical penetration of genitalia.
Sex has a thousand facets to it.
So, coming back to the topic on hand...
these days on the internet,I see a lot of SEX TAPES being "LEAKED"
in an effort to monetize the sex you once had with a person.
Sometimes, personal sex tapes or sexual letters ,videos and sexual pictures,
that were once exchanged between LOVERS ( here again, even if a guy goes and BUYS sex with a
prostitute, at that given point of time, those minutes of sex still
makes them LOVERS..maybe the prostitute is a disenfranchised poor
person being exploited for money, but yet, at that given point of
time, they had sex, they were lovers very very momentarily)...
GOSH, I go off tangentially on sentences..ADHD at its best..LOL (Disclaimer:I have NOT been diagnosed with adhd or anything..i just use the term LOOSELY when I blog)
So, yeah, all the personal pictures and letters and videos are
SUDDENLY leaked out to THIRD PARTIES by one of the lovers IN AN
EFFORT to humiliate the other person in public////
MY QUESTION to the person that is LEAKING STUFF dude/dudette, IS
At one point, you had sex ./sexual conversations with this other person. YEAH?
But Now , you have distanced yourself from that very intimate moment
that you SHARED with that person and SUDDENLY you are out and about
exposing that private moment for everyone to see,all in an effort to
humiliate them? What exactly must they be humiliated about?The fact
that they decided to do the foolish thing of wanting to have sex with
an idiot like you?what? Don't you see yourself humiliated too? How come a sex tape where both of you are having sex WITH EACH OTHER , only humuliates that other person?ARE YOU NOT HUMILIATING YOURSELF?

so, by doing so, are you telling everyone indirectly that, "see, this
person had sex WITH ME and thus they are STUPID,coz, who would want
to go have sex with a person LIKE ME, who IN THE FUTURE would think it is
approriate to expose that PRIVATE MOMENT OF INTIMACY to the whole
because, see, THE PERSON THAT LEAKS is the ACTUAL PERSON that MUST feel humiliated
in the end..
coz, obviously , the LEAKER, doesn't repsect themselves the point where they imply that anyone who decided to have sex with a horrible person like them MUST INDEED BE A FOOL..YEAH?
So, When you try to MOCK someone else about having written sexual letters/texts to
you,,when infact they were probaly just replies to your own sexual letters to them, YOU ARE
It takes two to tango....and there must only be the two very people
involved that have a right to access to the evidence of such  intimate acts
Sharing such intimate acts and letters with third parties , is LIKE MOCKING
also, all these THIRD PARTY BYSTANDERS, who are eager to come running
wanting to read someone else's love letters or watch leaked sex tapes are TRULY stupid,and desperate and voyeuristic and nosy and NAIVE..
Naive in the sense that, if you as a third party somehow imagine that
by LISTENING TO ONE SIDED STORIES where the leaker is leaking selective material, you can guage what is happening or what happened between past lovers, then truly, you don't know the reality of human emotions at all !
It is funny to watch  so many unconnected third party commenters under each sex scandal article on the internet...I laugh at the commenters who pass serious judgement and take sides.
AS THIRD PARTIES,to begin with  IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS to comment or judge and secondly, NONE OF US  will NEVER , EVER, know, what really happened between the two parties actually involved in the issue.
SO, for all the IDIOTS posting REVENGE SEX VIDEOS or photos online...really, YOU ARE ONLY HUMILIATING have no respect for your own have given up on yourself and have gotten so emotionally disconnected to everything and everyone to a point of being extremely disconcertingly stoic about what you do  in life.
And all the eager consumers of leaked sex videos,please GET A something useful with your life other than wasting time, reading other people's love letter or sex can make better use of your time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

possibly very difficult for him to trackback from his own lies now

I am starting to suddenly wonder now that in this past year, I think
he went RECKLESS with so many more lies to his "friends" about how I
was after him while he humbly refused being the great wonderful good
fiance and husband that he is and he possibly also PRIVATELY SHARED my
intimate emails to THIRD PARTIES..who possibly fuckily read all those
emails like creeps instead of saying, "hey, this is someone else's
letter and I must not read it "..I know he did share some letters with
that nosy lady back then..the lady who wonders why she faces such
hardships in life for no reason(lady ,maybe the fact that you were so
ready to harrass the very woman whom you once sought medical help from
on DM,,maybe karma gets to you, maybe?)
I knew, he sent her my emails, the emails that were sacred and
personal between us, to some fucking nosy third party,, coz he
publicly tweeted about sending her my emails and I have
SCREENSHOTS..infact i keep all his ugly insulting tweets towards me as
screenshots in a folder I call the "reality check folder", so that
each time I see myself slipping back into missing him, I go , open up
that folder and then a reality check happens, feels like a slap in my
face for having reached out to him back then..
Now I am thinking, in this year of me having gone awol on my blogs and
twitter PRIMARILY coz I was getting annoyed at his frequent visits to
my blogs..I am like, :"dude, when you brand other people as stalkers,
then you must stop visiting their blogs even after months of them not
talking to you " but no, the man, has a public face and a private
face...and ofcourse I have screenshots of his visits to my blog
too..again, for the sake of my REALITY CHECK FOLDER that I watch ever
so often when i MISS HIM TOO MUCH..(yeah there must be something
really wrong to actually miss a person..or maybe the pain of what he
did is so ugly and sad that I want to reach out and talk to him and
try TO OVERLAY NEWER fonder memories over all that ugliness..I am

now i figure, in this year of me going awol, he went beserk in his
smear campaign over me or some such,,coz i GET THE ODDEST of visitors
, checking out the oddest blog entries , ya know..I know who that
person is and I am wondering , why they are still visiting my blog
when they are on his side of the fence..WHAT THE FUCK...WHY?SNOOPY,
INFACT, THE whole things got too much for me, to a point , that i
wanted to somehow stop it ..either by having a nice conversation to
check if he visits because he misses me or some such, (silly me, still
trying to romanticize an ugly happening in my life..the guy threw me
under the bus..and I still miss him and I still want to query if he
misses me? truth too much of a bitter pill to swallow for me?)
anyways, now he has possibly said so many more convenient lies and
tarnished my image some more, that EVEN IF HE MISSED ME LIKE CRAZY, he
cannot own it up in public without coming across as a liar..
so, yeah, that is what a LIAR gets, an inability to even reconnect
with someone they dearly miss each day..coz they have to keep up
appearances with "friends"
ps, in the process of you and your friends visiting and snooping over
my blogs and tweets and everythings else, you are just NOT LETTING ME
BE...wasn't that public violation enough? do i need the sneaky
humiliation each day by way of your blog visits? if at all YOU ARE
YOU..I can understand the missing part , coz inspite of all this shit,
I miss you too,, like a fucking idiot in stockholm syndrome..
have the courage to email back or shut the fuck up and STOP KEEPING

faulty retrospective memory recall

I just realized how important it is to record your CURRENT FEELINGS
while you have them, on a blog or journal, because , when you let that
moment go and try to RECALL WHAT YOU ACTUALLY FELT BACK THEN,,memory
recall is SO INACCURATE and faulty, you end up making mistakes in
piecing it together
I am just readin this lady's blog where she blogged there and then as
each incident happened ...and suddenly I was, " good she recorded it
like this rather than do a RETROSPECTIVE, THIS IS HOW IT POSSIBLY
I didn't blog for a year because I DIDN'T WANT THIS MAN to know
anything about me or my life..I WANTED TO LEAVE HIM BEHIND....sadly,
all those memories of these three years have vanished AND i have all
faulty recalls now

upset that you don't think it is YOUR JOB to protect my feelings-LEGALITY and obligations!

I just am upset that SINCE I AM NOT YOUR LEGAL WIFE(which I am very glad i am not,btw),you feel it is not your LEGAL AND MORAL DUTY to be protective of my safety,my reputation,my honor and my feelings !

Any human being with dignity will seek to protect the ones they love.And you are not a are a petty monster!

I DON'T care ABOUT LEGALITY OR SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE. I am far too SELF SUFFICIENT to be needing all those legalities of a dependant "legal" wife..
But,I like exclusive relationships.I like loyalty in a sexual or romantic relationship.I believe in MONOGAMY.

We don't need legal papers to make sure someone stays with us,but we do need HONESTY and integrity in character to be safegaruding the emotional health of  a person whom we claimed once upon a time to have care about or had interacted with,on a sexual level even if it is just sexual emails!

I care about REAL FEELINGS that we care to feel for people in the privacy of our minds.

IF YOU really LOVE OR CARE for someone even if it is just in the secrecy of  your mind,then you automatically owe them this responsibility TO SAFEGAURD their honor and safety and emotional well-being!

It is funny how YOU BEHAVED at the moment when you felt or imagined that I WAS OUT TO DESTROY YOUR MARRIAGE BY EXPOSING to everyone that you loved me or whatever it was that you felt for you to write sexual  letters to me

So,once you felt threated in your "REAL" lifestyle, YOU DECIDED that you owed me nothing?

YOU DECIDED that you are going to discredit me completely by humiliating me, by PUBLICLY
sharing my letters and pictures i sent you to some random stangers?that is called invasion of MY privacy.

so, their approval and acceptance of you was MORE IMPORTANT than the fact that you owed
to safeguard my honor and my dignity and my privacy?

no one gave you the right to PROVE ME AN IDIOT and imbalanced person JUST SO THAT YOU can enhance your image as a good husband...

In my opinion,YOU ARE A SHITTY HUSBAND,which is why I NEVER WANTED TO OFFICIALLY DATE YOU OR MARRY YOU,coz,i didn't want to constantly wonder if you were writing secret sexual letters to some woman on the internet while still wearing my engagement ring.
That is what you did to your current wife and then fiance when you wrote me those letters and that behavior kinda proved to me as to how EMOTIONALLY DISCONNECTED you are as a personality!

So,really,NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO NOW,,,to prove to everyone that you are a great husband.IN MY OPINION,you will always remain as fuck-ass-husband!

IT UPSETS ME that  you think it is YOUR JOB to protect the feelings of your legally wedded wife,coz she IS CONNECTED TO YOU IN REAL LIFE in a legal manner and anything that happens which might anger her, will affects you both directly or indirectly ,in bed or in legal issues.
YOU SURELY KNOW to respect OBLIGATIONS..and you only seem to know how to BEHAVE only if somone is twisting your arm to behave using LEGALITY OF MARRIAGE!

IT UPSETS ME that you think that BECAUSE i am thousand miles away, and because there is no legal binding between us,my honor or mental health or emotinal health was worth sacrificing?


what an irresponsible fellow !
I shudder at the thought that i shared so much love and so many emails with a thankless monster who really doesn't understand any other language other than LEGALITY AND OBLIGATION

another 14 years of the same same for you?

It takes you far too long to get out of a comfortable mistake...It
took you 14 years to finally get out of your previous mistake...and
funnily,yet again, you turned around, and made the same mistake all
over again and again, you are putting up with things and putting up
appearances..and it will take you another 14 years before it will get
too much and YOU WILL WANT OUT....and sadly you will be almost 60 if
you do that...DON'T WAIT FOR ANOTHER 14 YEARS ,, just get out of this
mistake as fast as possible..I know you inside out and I know for
sure, this thing was a mistake you did in a hurried moment of
fear,panic and loneliness.and yeah, stop pining about that other man
who left you ...HE IS JUST NO GOOD either..


The word SNAKE would aptly describe MR.GREEN's personality..
very unpredictable,very untrustworthy...
When a snake percieves a threat it mindlessly and instantly,without a
second thought, strikes and poisons and kills you.
There is no coming back from death, yeah?
EVEN if you don't mean to bea threat, if the snake for some reason percieves you as a threat, then
YOU ARE DONE yeah.. hmmm
Also,he is just very sneaky and silent just like the snake..
is the very one that immensely sexually turns me on on many occasions is what baffles me the most...
says a lot about me then ,no?To think someone is a snake and then yet get sexually turned on by a snake ..
many questions raised? About my sanity..LOL

No common language of communication in the marriage?

I mean, you both don't even have a COMMON COMFORTABLE LANGUAGE OF
That says a lot about what you think of a relationship.
Apparently there is no need to even share ideas in your marriage?
Just share a bed,, giggle and fuck and eat together and that is it?
what a drab situation indeed

Do you even have a MIND OF YOUR OWN?

I think you are perfectly aware yourself that your brain is UNORIGINAL AND
lacks imagination and creativity and intelligence..
yet, you want to partake of all the perks that come with having
intelligence or creativity or other such virtues..

So, you steal other's ideas. The heck, you even steal other people's personalities and pretend you have their personality.How unoriginal can a person get?

You constantly check on what other people are doing and want to do it

If someone eats chicken curry and talks about how great it is,you
will order chicken curry within the next two days and eat it and feel
you  have achieved some great benchmark of luxury .

If someone secretly writes in their online journal about holidays to
aurora borelialis and macchu picchu, YOU THEN meticulously plan
holidays to those very places...

If your old boyfriend moves back to the homeland coz he got fired for
constantly posting naked women pictures on his website to boost page
visits and ad revenue,YOU THEN WANT TO RUN BACK TO the homeland just to be with
him-like a meek little puppy dog who can't do without him.The pains of being a closet homosexual man who is in love with a heterosexual man who is dead on the inside.(being homosexual is not a crime, but being homesexual but pretending you are heterosexual is dishonest ,dontcha think?)

If your old boyfriend went snowboarding,YOU SUDDENLY GO BUY A SNOWBOARD and start snowboarding and getting obsessive about it ..even after he left you for good,you religiously do it as if to prove your loyalty to him, as if you live a little bit of him in what you do..what an ardent lover you are..yet no courage to openly accept or express that love..why not find another homesexual man who will love you back...rather than have a lifetime hangover of this man who left you forever.

If someone else on the internet constantly babbles about gadgets,,you will do so too on your blog.
when that fad passes,you suddenly lose interest too.

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU? Don't you have a mind of your own? Don't you think or feel for yourself.Is there anything you want to do or have, that no one else does?

Monday, December 17, 2012

MARRYING someone that doesn't love you to begin with

My question is,
Why on earth did you marry someone who didn't love you?
It is an eventuality that the man will leave you after years of marriage,
 if he is in a clear position to leave you ,
 because HE NEVER LOVED YOU to begin with
and you knew it too
and yet you wanted to marry him  because you thought,
BY MARRYING HIM you will TRAIN him into loving you eventually..
it happens spontaneously and naturally.
And when someone doesn't LOVE you spontaneously and naturally,THEY NEVER WILL.
You can force them to live with you and have sex with you and marry you,

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