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Monday, October 26, 2009

Painted nails

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My hands.My hands-I use them to perform surgery-to paint-to sketch-to cook-to knit-My hands they are like my insurance.
Owing to my profession where i need to use my hands to examine patients I don't grow my nails long.My nail beds however are lo
ng and therefore my hands look ok even without growing my nails long.
So,mostly,my nails are neatly clipped.
I see many women grow their nails long and many of them get manicures on a regular basis.Not me,because first off.I think i don't need manicures--I am vain and arrogant about my pretty hands like that...ROLLS EYES.No,,the actualy reason is..I am lazy to give myself a manicure and I don't like the concept of making someone else clean my hand for me..Making someone else do your grooming jobs for you is like having slaves and I totally am against the idea of paying someone to clean my hands and feet and more so , paying someone to do something per
sonal as a bikini wax or body massage.
Infact, i think a body massage is a very sensual thing..There is absolutely no way that i will not react if someone massaged my body..touch is one of the foremost sensual experiences . I have in the past, however,recieve
d amazing massages from my boyfriend(An Ex boyfriend now whom i have chosen to dearly hate..after all, hate is a emotion we choose to have)
So,yeah..needless to say.,in this 30 years of my lifetime.I rarely if ever have gotten a manicure..I just let my hands be.I clean them before and after performing surgery--the powder inside the surgical gloves dries down my cuticles around the nailbed...but yet, luckily,blame it on good genes,somehow my hands have managed to remain presentable..

I also have burned the dorsum of my right hand each time i make cookies because i want to attempt the bravado of picking up the cookie tray without wearing an oven mitten..i am stupidly courageous like that..My right hand now has many little memoir scars from such oven adventures.
Very recently I decided to grow my nails long for a week.Just so that i can paint them and take pictures and revel at my pretty hands forever..After all i am getting older and one day..the oven scars will be too many and the wrinkles will start and i will look back with nothing but a memory of my pretty han
ds which seldom ever get pampered
Here is a picture of my hands..I painted them light lilac. I am holding my bamboo flute--yes.I play the bamboo flute..Not like an expert ..But,I think, I can become an expert if I practiced more often..Much like surgery..The more you practice the faster you get at it ...Hands.. hands are like my insurance in the field of surgery.
Here goes another pic.


Anonymous said...

I don't do the manicure thing either...but I don't have a good reason like surgery & examining patients. I'm simply too lazy.

It is interesting to think about what a large part of life our hands play a part in. Even now, just typing...Not nearly as important as surgery, obviously, but even so...I would definitely miss the use of my hands if something were to ever happen.


Rachel said...

I'm a biter, I'll confess. If my nails get long, it's simply because I've forgotten to bite them. I had a professor in college who teased me about it, but it's one bad habit I haven't been able to break or replace.

-rachel at Unbridled Books

PLatif said...

I also would not want to let other mess with my hands, and I have to admit too I am a nervous biter. A real bad habit.

Le cinq blog said...

Heya ladies!
I love it when we can share our stories and end up interacting on the comments section.
Looks like we have two nail biters already..LOL
I bite my nails too.especially when i get caught up in pensive thought,but the biting is not recurrent .Thankfully!
One trick to prevent yourself from biting your nails is to apply some bitter liquid to just the areas you are most likely to bite and let it dry prior to leaving for work.That way,when you start biting later, you get the bitter taste which acts as a check/reminder not to bite.
We use this technique for children .I am sure it will work as good for adults..LOL

Spencey said...

Interesting article. I keep my nails short, but then, I'm a bloke! I would never consider getting a manicure but I might employ somebody to bite my nails for me! Haha!

Rachel said...

Believe me, I've tried the bitter stuff! The thing is, the nail biting is a symptom, not the actual problem. Sigh. I think I'll try hypnosis next... ;)

-rachel at Unbridled Books

Le cinq blog said...

LOL at spencey calling himself a "bloke" Hmmmm...Scottish slang...nice!
And rach, It is going to to RAE and not rach..happy?
Hugs to both

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