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Friday, October 31, 2008

Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate sythetase and an anger chain

It was a great morning. I woke early just as I had planned, I had to study up a lot of stuff..
I start reading the first line..Yeah.. phosphoribosylpyrophosphate and yeah, gout.. and then i remember one particular jack ass that was just a selfish piece of shit. I mean.. there is no dearth of assholes all over the place right?
Chance is,, if you are a young beautiful female doctor,, you might meet even more jackasses each day and the chance is..if you look a little naive..they might try and harass you too..
the point is.. there is no point in letting them get away with it.. just let those assholes say insensitive pointless jackassish things to you just coz they cant get their hormones under control once they see a beautiful woman and then get away with it..All coz you think you dont want to waste your energy coming back with a retort coz you know that these jackasses are that way because of their upbringing and their general airheadedness.
hmmmmmmm..but you know what... retorting and telling them that they need to shove it is a better idea than letting it go and then constantly reminiscing it later and getting angry about them.
So yeah.. the whole of yesterday , i never went beyond phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase, coz memories of all the cheap assholes that i come across each day as part of my work and otherwise flooded my head.I just wanted to make all those idiots stand in a line and slap them real hard one after another. that is going to happen.
But what i can do is make sure that i never allow assholes to say stupid things just coz they think i am naive and wont have a retort..
The anger chain wont just go away for some reason the whole day..I couldnt progress beyond a single paragraph about Gout.
I finally closed the book and listened to some Jason mraz.. it took an hour of music before i could stop being angry..gosh...Music in.. it shifts the brain processes from one part of brain to a whole another part and thus helps resting that part of the brain.
Also, i think i was far too angry coz i hadnt managed enough sleep.. I had gone 36hrs with no proper sleep.. sleep is so important .. to let the brain heal.
There are a lot of parents who are going to bring up children who will so abused and abandoned that they are going to grow up anyways and become abusive adults who harrass young happy women..You cannot go and correct that abberation in this universe..So , therefore, expecting all these messed up assholes to suddenly become nice people is too much to ask .. but what one can do though is. .preserve oneself.never allow the assholes to get away with abusive behaviour.. give it back to them in the same measure..that dont take the brunt of your own anger for letting a roadside asshole try and be disrespectful to you.
These people are nasty coz they are very unhappy with themselves..they are not nasty coz they think you deserve to be talked trash to...they are trashy coz that is all they are capable of..that is all they have to offer..The trick is..never allow them to dole out the trash to you.. stay away and if you cannot stay away..make it very clear that you think that they are trash and that you dont want any part of it.. that sets them right..
You see , most trash talkers are worthless people who are angry on themselves for being trash and that anger translates into jealousy when they see that someone else has managed to become this nice person who is not very angry with themselves and that inturn makes them jealous with you and that somehow makes them want to create trouble for you , just so that you get a lil bit unhappy and then you get angry and then you are just a little bit more messed up ..ya know..
So , when an asshole comes around with a smirk on his face and tries to trash kick him in the nuts and send him his way.. there is no other nice way to do it..coz the assholes dont understand the nice language.They only understand the language of force, obligation and harrassment..they understand a strong "fuck off and get away from me " rather than" mr so and so..maybe you should not harrass young women this way"

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