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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Paranoid about the unknown-a good or a bad thing

paranoid about something unknown?
it could just be a manifestation of your inner fears compounded by your inner insecurities.
inner fears laced with bad past experiences.

sometimes i meet NEW PEOPLE.I like them and then i start talking to them and they haven't yet had a chance to know me at all.
and yet some of their reactions to me are weird and then i spend hours trying to figure out what i said or did that caused them to react so strangely..almost as if they already knew me and what they already knew for sure was something they disapproved of

and trust me, THE MORE PEOPLE KNOW ME , THE MORE THEY LIKE doesn't happen the other way round..

that is when i realized that when you meet STRANGERS and they give you strange funny reactions, it has got more to do with THEIR OWN PAST independant of you and your personality..

ONE BIG LESSON LEARNED AT THE AGE OF 35 NOW IS that when you have done nothing wrong to someone and yet they behave is a weird fashion with you almost as if you did something to them, it has mostly got to do with them.THEIR OWN LIFE, THEIR OWN PAST EXPERIENCES, THEIR OWN PERSONALITY AND THEMSELVES AND NOT YOU...

point in question?
people online almost PROJECT THEIR OWN FEARS onto every anyonymous blog or anonymous twitter account they see.

I already have stalker problems for years now due to VARIOUS GROUPS OF PEOPLE FROM VARIOUS SITUATIONS independantly stalking me or judging me or FUNNILY INTERPRETE MY BLOG ENTRIES IN A TWISTED MANNER because they assume that anyone anonymous MUST BE someone they have had a recent fight with...

i have never personally had arguments or fights with anyone in THIS WHOLE WIDE WORLD EVER...except
AND HE IS A JACKASS-AN ALMOST FIFTY YEAR OLD JACKASS....who himself knows that he was the liar and what he did to me was really really really really unforgivable..
he knows that.we discussed stuff after our great fight in 2011 and we went our own ways...END OF STORY..

too much baggage and too much paranoia...and hundred percent of these people I DON'T KNOW, I HAVE NEVER INTERACTED WITH THEM OFFLINE OR ONLINE..

i do only three things on the net-blog on blogspot, tweet on twitter and email for work or blogs...
and that is about it...

i have friends who use facebook or instagram or tumblr and coz of my friends , i go there to see their photos when they tweet about them..

and I DEFINITELY DON'T HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT...duh..i am private enough NOT to want to post pictures on the on earth am i going to post videos?
mainly got to do with safety issues, coz , as a doctor , I SEE atleast fifty or more patients a day..
I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHO MY PATIENTS ARE GOING TO BE EACH DAY AND i don't have time to look up to see if my patients are internet bullies or internet stalkers..
and the only thing i have under my control is TO NOT POST PRIVATE INFO OR PRIVATE PHOTOS OF MYSELF.
mostly, coz, i don't want crazy stalkers appearing at my doorstep or at my hospital wanting me to treat them....
so, JUST COZ I HAVE AN ANONYMOUS BLOG doesn't mean everyone can take the liberty to just ASSUME that i am someone whom they just had a fight with..

there are billions of people on this earth and so many of us DO HAVE ANONYMOUS BLOGS OR TWITTER IDS...that doesn't mean that WE ARE SOMEONE YOU KNOW OR SOMEONE YOU FOUGHT WITH...

on a basic level every human talks the same and feels the same and it might also happen that in your mental anguished distorted delusional state, anything i say or discuss might look like a topic the person who you think i am might discuss.
BUT TRUST ME, i am not anyone you know...
GEEZUS..the paranoid delusional mania and reactionary behavior thereof..
THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME atleast four time in the 17 years i have been blogging...
geezus...crazy folks..and their crazy delusions...

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