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Sunday, June 16, 2013

My fondest memories of me with my dad,so far!

1/My earliest memory of him was me and him walking in the evening to
the juice bar near our home,me holding his fat index finger (he was
not fat,but he had chubby hands) ,the index finger which he would
point out to me ,gesturing for me to hold it.I prolly was four or five
then?evening walks and grape juice..(which I found too sour to my
taste btw,so I would drink pineapple juice)

2/As a kid,in second grade,I remember him offering to make me instant
ramen noodles-and he was enticing me saying how tasty it was gonna
be.It was early evening.This memory is imprinted in my mind for some
reason!We had a cherry wood cupboard and bright windows in that living
room back then.

3/As a kid,my dad would make us FINGER CHIPS,his name for freedom
fries..or french fries.HE MAKES THEM WELL TOO.Fresh cut potato fries
are the best.

4/Sometime around fourth/fifth grade,he taught me how to use the knife
and fork.We had a green dining table then and the kitchen opened up to
a spacious backyard with a kitchen garden...And one morning , he was
like,wait,you are doing it wrong,hold the fork with your left hand and
here pick up the knife, hold it with your right..and boom,I LEARNED

5/Sometime during sixth grade,my mom was out of town and so,for
dinner,my dad took me to a restaurant and I had tomato soup...the
croutons crunched in my mouth and back then I didn't know what I
ate--I didn't know they were,I thought to myself that
they were magic ingredients in the soup that crunched in your

6/Also,in seventh grade,my dad made me my school lunch for 4 days when
my mom was out of town..So,each day,in my school lunch,I would
find,PLUM CAKE in my lunch box, in addition to the usual fare..What a
tasty surprise..awww.

7/Yeah,another fond memory was our sunday strolling trips when I was
in first and second grade.We would walk all the way to the strip mall
near our home and they he would buy shampoo for himself and he would
buy BUBBLEGUM for me..There has been many a sunday wherein,i have
swallowed the bubblegum while chewing on the way back and then spent
all sunday worrying about what would happen to me coz i swallowed
gum..true story

8/Another evening stroll memory with my father is that of our bakery
visits..he would buy me glazed cherries or cumin tea biscuits at the
bakery and I would watch all the evening walkers at the stores while
we strolled...awwww.What fond memories(wonder,if dad remembers our
strolls-must email him or call him to find out)

9/As I grew up,dad kept traveling so much for work that he barely got
time to spend with,some stories amiss from that phase of my

10/This may not be a fond memory but a deeply imprinted memory of my
dad walking around with the vacuum cleaner all around the house
cleaning on sundays, not allowing us kids to sleep in late on a
..the vroom vroom of his vacuum cleaner would automatically wake up
us ,as he would mindlessly try to vacuum around us in our
bedrooms..LOL..SERIOUSLY,,,come on!

11/During eleventh and 12th grade,my dad has accidentally come across
me on streets,RIDING the motorbike..."JUST TOO FAST" to quote his own
words..He would be like, " I saw you riding here and here on your
bike..I saw you from my car ..and you were just riding too
fast"'LOL...and yeah,,he would be after my case for not washing my
bike and keeping it clean...btw,,the motorbike was his gift to me for
TOPPING IN SCIENCE AND MATH AND EVERY other subject in school in the
tenth grade...Yay me!

12/One fond memory with him was me at 16yrs of age,learning to drive
and then with our chauffeur beside me in the front of the car and my
dad and sis and mom on the back seat.I drove on the freeway for the
first time ,very efficiently ..and everyone was so proud of me ,that
I drove so well, and then I GOT STUCK on gear shift on the way back
..and all hell broke loose..LOL..Then the chaffeur had to take over
and get the car out of the mess ..

13/Before entering med school, I actually semi graduated in,during that grad school,one of my grad school friends
would visit me at my home quite often..For some reason,my dad kept
complaining that I made friends with NO-GOODERs.
seriously,he would mock this poor girl(in her absence ofcourse) .NOT a
fond memory,but a deeply imprinted one at that.

14/My dad came with me when i took my college admission tests prior med school.
and my dad came with me when I joined med school...Such a proud day
for him...and then I called mom and told her I got into med school...A
BIG dream realized for me..AND I am glad my dad was there that moment
to share it with me..:))I think I made him damn mighty proud that day!

15/During the first year of med school, my dad and mom ,would come
visit me often,coz in their minds,I was still their little daughter
and so,they thought, i needed frequent checking on....
My dad would buy me BOXES of chocolate bars during each visit,enough
to last me till the next time he visits.
GENEROUS dad my dad...not just with chocolates but with BUYING ME
BOOKS-VERY GENEROUS,no questions asked,all books will be bought
without question...:))))

16/I think>>> I kinda moved away from home at the age of 19 for med
school and NEVER MOVED BACK...I have from time to time STAYED with my
parents for long periods, maybe a few months...but, see, WE BIRDIE
KIDS have flown the nest...We are now strong , professional
women..dreaming our own dreams,making it big ...and making our parents
proud...but my dad misses us day very recently blurted out,"oh
but I love for my kids to be near me all the time"

MANY more fond memories waiting to happen..and so,on this day.
them sitting proud in the audience..cheering me away...HUGS DEAR PA

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